1. A

    Parking sensors issue post grille swap

    Hi all, I have a 2018 (facelift) C43 and have recently changed the front grille. The weather in UK has been awful of late and I have noticed that my parking sensors are no longer working. When I start the car and put into reverse all sensors flash red around the car on the centre screen and then...
  2. M

    SLK 171 2009 (UK)- "Close Boot Separator Error"

    Hi all, I have an SLK 2009 (171) UK spec 1.8 Kompressor that has recently been giving me a "Close Boot Separator" error when trying to operate the vario roof. I have checked that the separator does close and latch correctly, which it does. The ONLY thing i've noticed is that the separator is...
  3. K

    W211 - Wont start - Y27/9

    Hello! I got an W211 from 2003 - E200. My car starts but dies in a few moments. I have searched for errors and the only errors is "2511-1" - Y27/9 (Left EGR Positioner) Fault X. Where should i begin to search? I have looked for any threads about this, and i couldnt find any reason to fix...
  4. M

    error code p000277

    I have an error code on my c250 cgi 1.8t, it is a p000277 'the commanded position cannot be reached' has a malfunction. the engine cut out twice in two different occasions, but the second time caused a management light.
  5. azimabdul1983

    active bonnet malfunction error message

    It has only been just over one week since I purchased my car (E200 CDi Sport, 2010 model), on the drive back I noticed that the washer fluid was empty. When I got home I opened the hood and filled up the washer fluid as normal. When I closed the bonnet the first time I noticed on the dash the...
  6. moj91

    LED Rear lights in W204 C-Class Estate...

    Hi all, Just bought myself an '09 C250 CDi estate sport, as my workhorse Astra was written off a few weeks ago. Hopefully this one will be reliable! It has the 'standard' bulb rear lights, but i've seen several from the same age with LED clusters in the rear lights (not mistaken with the...
  7. M

    Error code P1189 an P1192 - whats a common cause?

    Hi All, My ML270 CDI auto (W163 2001 model, 130K miles) has had problems with going into limp mode for a few months. Ive changed the maf sensor (it was dead ;-) ) ,cam and crank sensors as they were erroring, glow plugs and "starter pack" and just now replaced the inlet manifold as the old...
  8. P

    Reading Error Codes

    Hi - fresh meat here, just joined the forum. My wife has a 1999 SLK 200 Kompressor and I have a W202 C200 myself. I'd quite like to learn how to read the error codes - particularly since the engine warning light came on the SLK this afternoon. I have the laptop, I expect I'll need some form...
  9. G

    1999 S210 220CDI Limp home

    Esteemed posters, I turn to this forum for help with a problem I cannot shake; Every morning when starting the car, it will have an ABS warning, and if driven, the transmission won't work. It sticks in 3rd gear and the speedometer does not work. If I turn the ignition off and remove the key...
  10. N

    Comand Navigation does not work - insert DX disk/disc read error

    Hello, I am a fairly new member, and very much enjoying the forum. This is my first attempt at posting a new thread, and hope I am not duplicating an issue already addressed somewhere else (although I have done my best to check, and have not found anything). My CLK W209 does not allow me...
  11. P

    BAS ESP ABS Brake pad wear indicator lights on + various other problems :|

    Below is a copy from all my posts on another forum regarding my problem Car with the problem: 2003 Black Mercedes A170 CDI Elegance Auto >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hi, The BAS ESP, ABS and brake pad wear light turned on. The car only drives in first gear. car was "repaired" by a recovery...
  12. Irresistance

    W210 Radio "SERVICE" LCD Message - What does it mean?

    Hi guys, Simple problem... cant find a post about it. I was driving along, switching radio frequencies, as suddenly my radio says "Service" (there was some word that came before it, but didnt catch it) and now its stuck on "SERVICE". Changing stations works, changing CDs works, changing songs...

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