1. D

    Wanting to replace the power steering fluid in my s203, 220CDI facelift from 2007

    From my research, the fluid should follow this specification: MB 345.0 A001 989 24 03 If that is the case, this liquid should be good?: https://www.autodoc24.ro/febi-bilstein/1879380 Also, any tips on the procedure? Can this be done at home? Thanks!
  2. D

    Power Steering fluid top up

    Hi All, Just a quick question in case any one can help before sending it to a garage. I had a wine a few months ago, looking around the forums it became clear that it could be the power steering fluid. So pulled the dipstick out and it was bone dry. went to MB and bought the correct fluid...
  3. Smaltze

    I have changed my atf fluid - assumption

    Just changed the atf fluid on my w210. I drained the sump with the car tilted back over night, removed the sump and cleaned it and changed the filter and gasket. I then reattatched and put in 3l of new fluid and luckily stopped there check what i should be doing. i didnt drain the...
  4. D

    Advice on transmission oil change needed!! URGENT PLS HELP

    Hello, I need to find out how much transmission fluid needs to be put into A170, 2001, 1.7 CDi - transmission model 423 (5 speed manual). Long story Short: My car was serviced in MB authorized service, and started to act up. Eventually, after two more visits in MB service, I decided to...
  5. W

    change power steering fluid (or not)

    I own a 1996 C180 - the maintenance booklet does not mention power steering fluid. I have looked at a few you tube videos and they all suggest its necessary to change the fluid. The fluid level on mine show just on the minimum and the oil looks very dark. Is it best to have it flushed and...
  6. A

    High PS fluid Leakage

    Hi, I have w210 1997 E230, the PS rack leaks in a horrible way (i add 1 L per 5 days), someone tell me to change the rack, but when the fluid level is ok, the rack works great. my question is, i can't change the rack now, so if i change the seals, it does solve the problem periodically. in...
  7. M

    1997 Mercedes Sprinter Van

    Hello, I am currently using my old van to travel around Europe and after many journeys up and down windy mountain roads I seem to have a problem with the brakes...I have some fluid which is leaking over the inside of the back right wheel and the brakes are hardly working. I have checked the...
  8. M

    W202 C240 Gearbox Leaking

    Hi, Latest in the Merecedes owning saga that is a ten year old C240...a puddle of fluid appeared on the drive about a week ago - and crawling under the car confirmed it was coming from the gearbox! Given the low clearance and the very high chance of getting 8 litres of fluid all over the...
  9. C

    Auto transmission fluid leak

    :confused: Hi all, I have a 1999 C250TD Auto (Saloon) which I was cleaning last night when I noticed an oil leak from the front of the car (i had taken off the underbody cover). The leak was only present when the car was idling - when the engine was off no leak, when driving (reversing up the...

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