fuel filter

  1. Manc Rick

    Fuel filter OM654

    Hi, I’ve ordered the part and am about to change the fuel filter in my 213. I’ve located where it is situated (rear underside) and have seen a video where the cup is unscrewed removed, then the filter element is pulled down using the grip tool that comes with the filter. What I’m trying to...
  2. motocod

    E270 W211 Diesel fuel filter - prime with diesel?

    Hi Folks, I've got a new diesel filter to go on my E270 - is it essential that I prime it with fuel before starting the car? Thanks in advance!
  3. motocod

    W211 E270 fuel filter replacement

    I’m looking to sling in a new fuel filter while I have the engine cover off to do the air filter. Will anything bad happen if I don’t prime the filter with diesel? It’s not something I have sitting around, so wondering whether running it dry might cause the fuel pump to cavitate or run hot (as I...
  4. D

    C220 CDI W204 Services

    Merry Christmas from Australia, Perth! Found a few problems with previous services of this ten year old car I just bought and I would like to ask members here if their experiences were similar to mine: Fuel filter service every 60,000: Not ticked by mechanic at the first 60k and not done as per...
  5. E

    Help PLEASE, DPF problems maybe

    Hi all, I'm at a bit of a loss at the moment, both financially and mentally; not to mention emotionally drained. I own a Mercedes C250 Efficiencyblue 2.2 CDI A brief run down of problems: 1. Car starts to crank for long periods in the morning before starting, but starts. 2. One...
  6. R

    Car stopped accelerating

    My c180 lost acceleration while driving but engine was running. After few meters everything stopped. It seems as if there was some fuel stoppage and what was left in there kept it running for few meters. When I tried to start again, it stared for a min then shut down. This continued but car...
  7. O

    Petrol spill

    I have a 98 E280 which recently left for 2 weeks whilst on holiday. On return started up and petrol pured out underneath. RAC guy said it was either pump or filter or pipes but could find nothing wrong so off we went. Local garage also can't find a probem but it has happened again after being...
  8. B

    2002 SL500 Delayed start..help?!!

    I have a 2002 model SL 500 with 70k miles on it. I have changed the fuel filter, spark plugs, have serviced recently and still when i start the car at times it is jerky and takes a little while to get going. And at other times it starts first go. Suggesstions?
  9. R

    humming noise

    I had my car serviced by a Mercedes Benz dealer and it has come back with a humming noise. The dealer is insisting that that the noise was already there but that is not the case. The dealer is suggesting a change of the fuel pump which will set me back by around 300-400 pounds I took the car...
  10. T

    1971 220 with Weber Carb Fuel Flow Direction

    I am installing a Purolator F21124 in-line fuel filter WITH NO direction arrow to show fuel flow direction. Does fuel flow from the tank (via a push electric fuel pump mounted at the tank) into the fuel filter end with the element, thru the element and then into the fuel filter cavity and to the...
  11. J

    S-Reg A160 Fuel Filter Removal Issue

    I have just been looking at the fuel filter on my A160 as it needs replacing and can see how to remove the various hoses without much issue. However, the problem comes when I look at the fuel filter itself. Mercedes have designed a clever plastic bracket to hold the filter but since the fuel...

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