1. A

    Recommend garage or boost suggestion

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a good garage near Edinburgh, specifically East Lothian? I had my car in a garage for a while who were looking into a problem when the car went into limp mode. They were really good and didn't rip me off, they got it driving again but...
  2. C

    New Owner - Best Garage North West/ North Wales

    Hi all, Well I finally treated myself to a Mercedes in the form of a C Class! Now wondering if there's any recommendations for independent Mercedes garages to get it serviced at in the North West/ North Wales? Its done 58k miles and is 8 years old but has never had the auto gearbox oil done...
  3. M113K

    North Wales Indie Recommendation ?

    Hi, New to Mercedes so am unfamiliar with which garage is considered a ‘Go To’ one that isn’t going to charge the earth while still knowing what they are doing etc... Now I’m in North Wales on the far end of Anglesey. So about as far as you can get. Even the Llandudno Official Mercedes...
  4. T

    Newby with a W115 & a G Wagon - garage needed!

    Hi guys, so I've got a 70's 220d w115 and a. 80's G Wagon 300gd, both require varying degrees of work. I need some who knows way around older mercedes particularly for the G wagon, I'm based in Leicester but do not mind getting cars transported. Any garage/ individual recommendations would be...
  5. bertg

    Garage Recommendations In S.London Please

    After yet another recall for our 2013 B Class, this time something to do with the braking systems MB Croydon have suggested Front Pads 80% worn and Front Disks are 0.4 away from recommended thickness, they did mention in fairness that until the warning light comes on we will be ok. Could someone...
  6. S

    Big ask - W124 estate cover loan

    Hello chaps, #longshot. I am heading off in a few weeks for four months. I am after a cover for my cherished car. I've seen StormForce examples on Ebay for £150. Seems like a great price but after this four-month break, what will I do with it? Therefore, does anyone have one I may borrow...
  7. G

    Resin Floors: The hardest wearing floor money can buy

    Recent advances in garage floor coating technology allow GarageTek to bring commercial-grade garage floor coatings to the residential market. Our Resin Floors provide the highest quality finish you can buy and uses methacrylate resin which is the hardest wearing of all. This is laid as a...
  8. B

    Independent Garage - Cambridge?

    Hello forum, I've just moved to Cambridge. I own a 97 W210 E320 & it's due a service + a few other little niggles which I'm hoping to get fixed. Can anyone recommend a good, reliable garage in/around Cambridge & that knows its way around a W210 please? Thanks! Alan.
  9. Haden

    Hello from Haden

    Hello This is my first dalliance in the world of forums, so please be kind. Just by way of an introduction, we are Haden Birmingham. We are an Independent Mercedes Specialist. Relax, we are here to sell anything to you. We just love all things Mercedes-Benz, and through promoting our...

d:class automotive are specialists in automotive interiors and upholstery. From Mercedes and modern cars to custom and classics. Tel: 01483 722923
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