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    Hey All, New Mercedes 115cdi W639 Owner with some problems

    Hey everyone, I require assistance with Computer codes that needs fixing, reverse gear that grinds but goes in after 3/4 tries so don't know how to fix.. A plug that I don't know where it goes.
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    61 Plate C Class Automatic Gear Box Change Delay

    Hi All, New here and looking for some help/advice if possible. I'm a relatively new (Nov) owner of a 61 plate C Class Estate (C220 Sport) with Auto Gear Box. In late Jan, the car went in for a Service (Local independent well respected garage); I was aware that it was due for the...
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    Hi everyone, new here, please HELP if you can. Thanks

    Hi everyone, great to see such support provided by the members here. can anyone kindly provide some advice to this problem: I have a CLK 230 Kompressor, 2001 automatic model. I noticed a month ago that the transmission did not shift past the second gear so I simply reset the automatic...
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    speedometer problems

    hi I have a 2000 c200 2.0 auto and in the last week I have had the problem that as I'm driving the speedo suddenly drops and the engine wont change gear so I have to stop and restart the car but this doesn't last long. I went on a 4 mile drive to town and back and had to restart it about 5 times...
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    New Owner - Hi + a few questions.. :)

    Hi everyone, just joined the forum on recommendation of a friend. I've just picked up a high mileage 2009 C180K Blueefficiency Estate. However there are a little things that i'd like some advice on if anyone could assist. The gearchange.. It's rather floppy in my opinion, and reverse...
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    Gear change issue

    I have 2003 MB E240.. Recently my car just started giving an issue. While driving suddenly the gear locked at the 2nd gear and did not change automatically. I stopped and tried the reverse gear and it did not work either until i switched off the car and restarted and everything seemed ok. Now it...
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    Mercedes 270cdi W211, only drives in first gear

    Hi, yesterday I suddenly had a problem with my car. It shifts gears when it goes from P-R-N-D, but when I start driving it won't shift! It only goes in first gear. It won't let me change the gears manually either. The W/S button has also stopped working. The car doesn't show any...
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    Problems getting into 1st and reverse

    I have a '05 C200 manual 6speed Diesel Mercedes. Lately i have had trouble getting it into 1st gear and reverse. It is very stiff and feels as if i am forcing it in. This happens more so when the engine is cold. After about 5-10 miles it isnt really a problem until about 4-5hours later. (The car...
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    Gear problems

    One quick question: I gave my car (mercedes compressor 200) for washing, inside out, and after that, NO GEAR WORKS. I can only use the first gear... Any idea how i could fix it?? :confused:
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    CLS AMG 55 ESP defective no power

    Can anyone help please. My CLS is fine until you try to change gear by flooring the accelerator. It won't change down and at that moment of clicking by the accelerator the ESP defective visit workshop indicator appears. It has lost a lot of acceleration at speed. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    CLK 1998 (R) Auto Issue.....

    Hi All, As you will see I am relatively new to the forums, and this only my second MB. I love the car and plan on keeping it for a long time to come, but it does have a few things that need doing to it !. I will be taking it to Herts Merx on Friday this week coming, but wanted some ideas...
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