1. P

    W211 Gear selector part number required

    Hi, Could anyone look up the part number for the gear selector assembly for E Class WDB2112262A494898? Started to get limp mode due to selector position implausible. Thanks in advance
  2. M

    W210 E240 1999

    hi Mercs, this is karim / i have w210 E240 with gearbox # 609 but after searching and trying 7 gearboxes . i decided to change the gearbox that was for E320 with another number. did anyone tried so? another issue. the E320 gearbox comes with 1 electronic plug. and my gearbox is with 2 plugs. how...
  3. F

    Automatic gear doesn't shift + SBC H unavailable?

    Hiya Main issue description A few days ago I was driving normally and when stopped at a red light I pressed down hard on the brake to activate the hold. I got an error message "SBC H unavailable". A couple minutes later I noticed that the automatic gear wasn't shifting. Not sure what gear it...
  4. O

    S211; Gear; Impossible to shift from D to R (and P)

    Have a S211, E320 CDI, 2006. Symptoms: Shifting from P to R (and D) goes just fine. Shifting back from D to R (and P) is impossible. Two ways to go back to R (and P) from D: Shift to N - turn off the engine - then R (and P) Shift to N - engage parking break - let lose brake pedal - then R (and...
  5. D

    Help!!! Automatic Gear Over-revs

    Hi, new to this forum! I have a Mercedes A Class AMG Sport 1.8, Manual Gear paddles, Auto Economic and Auto Sport gear shift settings, When in auto, the car occasionally gets to 3rd gear, then instead of shifting up to 4th it will over-rev and then jolt and shift up to 4th. Any ideas what...
  6. Chris Marriott

    Sprinter Gear Change Issues....Is it this??

    Hi all, Having problems changing gears in my Sprinter 2010 313 CDI. They are all a bit grindy but going down into second is a right bugger, really have to jam it in. Reverse and 1st are not quite as bad but still pretty rubbish. So far changed the oil and made it a bit better. Next on the...
  7. S

    1992 308d T2, gear change linkage box (Commande Des Vitesses)

    Can anyone please point me in the direction of some infomation regarding the box located on top of the gear box between gear lever and tie rod links to gearbox. I only have a french copy of the manual and I am not finding much by my searches on google of anywhere else for that matter. I am...
  8. J

    Please help, auto - transmission

    Hi everyone, it's great to have stumbled upon this site, it's nice to see such a supportive community. I would really appreciate any advice to this problem, I have a Mercedes CLK 2001 petrol, Automatic, engine 230 Kompressor, 87,000miles on the clock. The problem is as follows, about two...
  9. J

    Hi everyone, new here, please HELP if you can. Thanks

    Hi everyone, great to see such support provided by the members here. can anyone kindly provide some advice to this problem: I have a CLK 230 Kompressor, 2001 automatic model. I noticed a month ago that the transmission did not shift past the second gear so I simply reset the automatic...
  10. M

    Jolty and delayed gear change

    Hi, I posted here a couple of months back regarding a new Transmission Control Unit fitted to my CL600. Following this, there was, and still remains a big difference in the drive of the car, with the cars drive almost feeling like it's being held back, with some sort of resistance on the...
  11. M

    Drive resistance

    A few weeks back my car decided to stop driving; their was power available but there was some sort of lock on the transmission or gears. Anyway, after loading it onto a flatbed truck, Mercedes repaired the car by fitting a new Transmission Control unit to the gearbox. All sorted I hoped. However...
  12. G

    Mercedes E200 Transmission Diagnostic code

    Hi all I am looking for a bit of advice. I have a 60 Reg E200 which I bought second hand in November 2013. The first two services were at MB dealerships and the third was by the independent garage where I purchased it. It has done 36,000 miles. About 10 days ago an engine fault light came...
  13. T

    R230 SL55 Stuck in Park

    Hi All, I've lost the will to live.:cry: It feels like my car is continually fighting with me. I finally got round to sorting the battery issues on it and after just a couple of weeks the car is now stuck in Park. It starts absolutely fine and after reading some other posts on here it looks...
  14. E

    R129 Gear shift knob worn out/material pealing off

    My second car, a 1992 300 SL (80.000km and in excellent condition) has one ugly detail. The Gear shift knob's top part is pealing off, leaving the white plastic underneath to become visible. The lower part of the knob is made out of grey leather and this is still fine. Is this a one piece object...

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