gearbox failure

  1. Z

    Gearbox fault P2502

    Hello everyone and I ask for help. I have E 200 2008 and it throws me a P2502 transmission error. Changed the oil and filter and condoctur plate but everything remained the same. The car does not change gears and when it warms up it takes 10 seconds to go backwards when I put in R. Yes I checked...
  2. M

    W202 C180 problem

    Hi all, Hope this is the right place to post. Have a w202 c180 auto here 2000. Drove it for a few days with no issues then parked it up for a month or 2. Battery was flat - charged it up and went for a drive and now it won’t move out of 1st gear reverse, neutral etc all engages but it does...
  3. Z

    W203 2002 C270 CDI aut - Not changing gears after fast acceleration

    Hey, Sometimes, after a fast acceleration the automatic gearbox will not go out of its current gear. I need to restart the car and then it behaves normally. (This problem only appears if i accelerate quick.) Do you guys know what the problem might be? And how to fix this issue? Thanks in...
  4. M

    B-class B180 , Year 2013, 1.8 Diesel Automatic

    Hi, Got B180 , B-class, 1.8 Diesel Automatic, It doesn't go in any gear, if I shift the stick to D it blinks red and go back to P mode, These are the errors it show, can anyone help ? Is it due to Front Passenger Seat car is not driving ? Or any other issue ? Please advice thanks
  5. K

    W219 - Gearbox Refill / Oil Coolant pipe

    CLS CDI 350 w219 Drove the car sportily and gearbox stopped working, only 100 meters driven onto drive on inspection I could see these two pipes loose, one off the other very loose as seen in the picture my impression is the person who recently just replaced the bumper did not tighten...
  6. C

    Sprinter gearbox replacement change to auto ?

    Hi need some advice. I need to replace my gearbox, due to damage to mont on the case below propshaft. I’ve decided it will be a lot quicker to replace the hole box rather than repair it and the box has done around 386000 miles, it works fine I might add... but the question is what box do I...
  7. A

    W204 gearbox or torque converter???

    I have a 09 plate auto sport CDI, I have literally spent an absolute bomb over the past month getting the car mechanicly sound as it was a bit ruff when I got it. Now I have a bigger problem!!!! When driving the car seems to jump out of gear into manual even though it says on the screen I am in...
  8. mshah70

    W212 transmission problems

    Hello i have a mercedes w212 E200 2011 150kmiles Recently while changing from P to R or N to (D or R) i feel a judder from the transmission. However i drove it like this for a short period and now i have a major issue. The issue is when i select a gear ( R or D) the car doesnt engage the...
  9. K

    transmission visit work shop. HELP !!!!mercedes A200 2006 Diesel Automatic

    hi guys, hope you are well i am new to this forum and needed some help with an issue i am having with my car. i have a mercedes A200 Diesel 2006 automatic. i have been unable to drive it for a while as when i drive it on the message display screen is shows "Transmission visit workshop"...
  10. M

    Broken clutch flywheel, gearbox issues

    Hi guys, first time poster here... Basically my 2007 C180k SE Coupe has just broken down. The local Mercedes Benz dealer/garage have looked at it and they want £2224 to fix the clutch/flywheel problem, which will leave a noisy gearbox. Gearbox repair included comes to £4700! Problem is its...
  11. M

    Mercedes E Class 1997 3.0 Gearbox failure.

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I was wondering whether any member could offer me advice? A friend has a P Registered E Class which has covered 140K. It has been regularly services and until recently was running fine. But after a recent service the Gearbox has decided that although the dogleg...

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