1. J

    A class indicator flashing purple

    Hi there, i’ve just recently brought a used 2017 a class and had to replace the driver side headlight unit. However the problem is that it all works fine but the indicator flashes purple and i have no clue why. The left indicator functions as normal and i made sure to buy the exact same part...
  2. D

    Mercedes CLA lightbulbs

    Does anyone know where is best to buy Mercedes CLA lightbulbs, both daylight and headlight bulbs. The lights have become extremely dim on my car. I am looking for the white light bulbs. I was told to stay away from LED bulbs as this can mess with the cars computer as it can think the car has a...
  3. RyanSL500

    Headlight randomly came on, on my R230 hours after use.

    Evening all, I hope you’re all well. A bit of a weird one this evening with my R230. So in light of all the rain we’ve had over the last couple of days, I’ve checked my SL500 for any water ingress and couldn’t find any damp in the main areas. However, as I was about to go to bed, I did my...
  4. M

    W211 main beam always on

    This is my first post... nice to be here and hope to receive some pointers from those with oilier hands and wiser heads than me. My 2005 w211 E500 main (high) beam is stuck always on, even without the key in so i’ve had to disconnect the bulb to stop it flattening battery and annoying oncoming...
  5. D

    W207 ILS headlights not working properly

    Hello everyone, I am having problems with my e350 w207 Led intelligent headlights. Problem started a months ago, once I start car sometimes after few minutes I get message on dash that intelligent system inoperative and left side day time running led not working, right side works fine, I used...
  6. motocod

    W211 Xenon - which type?

    Hi folks, One of the headlamps on my 2005 W211 has gone pink, so it looks like I need to replace it. Never dealt with xenon beams before, so don't really know what to buy, but it seems like there are D1S, D2S, and even D3S - can anyone advise which type I need to buy, and maybe even point me in...
  7. G

    C Class 204 Facelift cornering bulbs not working.

    I had a message on my dash saying my right cornering light had stopped working, which it had. I got some h7 5000K halogen bulbs and replaced both the left and right bulb. The error message has disappeared but now neither cornering light seems to work and I was wondering why this is? I read...
  8. L

    W204 Halogen Symmetrical Beam Headlight Switching

    Had a bulb blow last night, so thought I'd get the endoscope out to find out where the 'levers' to switch between UK and symmetrical beam for driving in Europe were. The lever itself is directly underneath the bulb housing but further forward towards the front of the car. It is a bit awkward to...
  9. The Boy Wizz

    H7 LED advice

    Hi, Has anyone used the H7 LED bulbs with the built in heat sink and cooling fans? Getting a ML320 (57 plate) on Fri, it has upgraded LED tail lights but standard headlights and was looking to get away from standard halogen lamps.
  10. T

    CLC220 headlight condensation problem

    Hello there I have read several threads regarding condensation in headlights like these, however Incant help but feel like this is an exception to the norm.... Below are pictures of both my headlights taken at the same time, one looking completely fine (drivers side) and the other looking...
  11. N


    My powerfold mirror button which folds the mirrors out is broken on my 2008 CLC. (used to have to press very hard and jolt to work but now does not work at all). Can this be fixed or is a new unit required? I have seen the exact same unit on ebay from a MERCEDES C CLASS 2004-2007?
  12. R

    Problem with the light switch on 2009 W204

    So my light switch is acting funny: I basically have two problems: 1. When I set it to Auto: Sometimes my headlights work in direct sunlight, when I switch it to OFF then back to Auto few times, it works fine and the headlights are not working in direct sunlight anymore. 2. Another...
  13. C

    Xenon Headlamp Bulb

    HI I have a bulb problem on my CLS AMG 55 - the passenger main beam headlamp bulb has gone. MB have checked and it is the bulb not the control unit but they are quoting £239 to change the bulb inc £86 for the bulb. How do you change it? and is there any way of removing the shock threat? -...
  14. C

    Effects of vacuum on SL320

    Just a question out of curiosity really. My SL320 headlights have always pointed at the tarmac about 10 yards on front of the car! I've just sort of managed with it up til now. But I had a moan about it to an evangelistic Merc enthusiast over the weekend, and he dived in, and mentioned the...

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