1. D

    Heater box rebuild SL 107

    I’m struggling to find parts for this rebuild, and I don’t even know what sort of foam to look for in order to cut my own pieces for the flaps. Has anyone managed to solve this on their own car? Thanks
  2. B

    R350 Heater Control Valve.

    The heater in my 2012 W251 R350 blows nothing but unenthusiastic luke warm air at Maximum setting however the Aircon blows nice and cold. This is a recent change from previously working well in all states. From reading various posts I flushed the coolant system firstly to no avail and then...
  3. morphix

    W211 E270 CDI 2004 blows cool air when idling

    Hey there fellow drivers, so recently I have ran to this issue. To explain it as clear as possible, problem is that when car is standby (idling, not driving), heater blows cold air no matter what position it is in. When driving the car, all heater functions work as expected, hot air blows, but...
  4. R

    C350 CDI - Cheap with a few issues :C350

    Just got my first ever Mercedes. It's a 2012 facelift C350 CDI, was a bargain buy but has a few problems. First, the 'Top up coolant' message just came on so after a quick check it was a bit low, so topped it up. Message hasn't cleared yet and engine temperature all seems fine and no leak (yet)...
  5. Motzil

    R-Class 320 heating system

    Hi need a little advice got a 2009 R-class now the weather’s taken a turn for the worst. Set the heater control to max and blower on medium. Clears the windows when frozen brilliantly. But some 20 minutes later the heater is not as hot as I would expect it to be. I’ve checked to make sure there...
  6. D

    Heater box refurb on R107

    Does anyone know of a refurb service for the heater box on the R107? or a source of second hand ones?
  7. D

    Slight oil leak at edge of radiator

    I have a slight oil leak at the edge of the radiator on my 2005 c180 Kompressor which I only bought a couple of months ago. Didn't see the leak for the underpan till later. I have ordered a new radiator, gearbox filter and seal also new dipstick. I also have problems with the heater. I flushed...
  8. R

    Medesed ML 270CDI 2003 Facelift W163 Rear heater/blower stays on even when the car is turned off

    On my Mercedes ML 270 CDi 2003 (facelift model) the rear heater remains on after the car is switched off and the key is removed. I’ve tried looking for the fuse for the rear blower but been unsuccessful as the heater is constantly draining the battery therefore I’m disconnecting the battery...
  9. TechnoWhizz

    W163 Front screen demist

    On my W163 2003 ML500 with LPG conversion.... The front screen demist isn't working. On auto or manually select or Demist button, the fan is working fine, but the flap doesn't seem to open. I've tried moving the direction control and you can hear the flaps moving, but no air to the screen. Also...
  10. philiggy

    2006 c200 CDI uneven revs-heater problem-and N33/2 fault??

    I've just bought a 2006 C200 CDI Avantgarde with some odd faults. The revs are uneven,its terrible to drive when cold causing choppy changes. The Heater is either red hot or freezing cold...nothing in between. Its been on a STAR reader with no faults other than.... "Check N33/2 (Heater...
  11. Graham couch

    Auxiliary heater?

    When I put my heater on in my Slk 200 I can hear a wirring noise, it's not the fan but a noise that stays on after the fan is turned off, and it does get warm quick, is this an auxiliary heater? If so how does it work?
  12. B

    W210 220cdi 2000 heater problems

    Greetings. My Mercedes has a heater that is only giving out very 'tepid' heat. My mechanic has been looking at the problem. He has checked the thermostat - that is fine. He has checked the DuoValves (knackered and to be replaced - is it worth getting one from a breakers ? ) He states they...
  13. silestanix

    How To Change Heater Panel bulbs in W202/w208/etc

    So I have seen many threads on this topic but no pics, so as mine needed doing again I thought I'd make a sort of how to... First, I'd recommend putting the heater controls in a uniform setting ie both vertical. You'll need a pair of mole grips and a somewhat clean cloth. Secondly,make sure you...
  14. A

    W169 A Class 1.5 2005 Heater Blower Resistor, where and how?

    Hi Im just trying to find instructions to 'find' and 'fit' a Heater Blower Resistor in my W169 Merc. If anyone can help Id be most grateful as Ive had no luck so far. I need to do it this weekend if possible. Cx
  15. T

    E270 Heater not working

    Just bought an E270 Avantgarde (2002). Very happy BUT today tried to get hot air and no joy. Looking at previous threads it appeears to be a common problem on the W211 anda advice is to give it a firm tap on the auto valve (?) which is a bit of a pig to get to on the RHD models like mone. My...
  16. S

    1996 c250 heater not working

    Hi, First of all I'm new to mercedes benz forums. I have a 1996 blue c250 turbodiesel which up until recently has been fine. The problem is that when I turn up the dials for hot air, there is only cold air still coming through. I have spoken to a mercedes benz dealer and they said (although I...
  17. S

    1996 c250 heater not working

    Hi, First of all I'm new to mercedes benz forums. I have a 1996 blue c250 turbodiesel which up until recently has been fine. The problem is that when I turn up the dials for hot air, there is only cold air still coming through. I have spoken to a mercedes benz dealer and they said (although I...
  18. B

    C220 CDI Heater Booster Runs too long/always

    Hi I am having a problem with the heater booster on my C220 CDI W202 (W Reg - 2000). The heater booster seems to run all the time. I can park the car up and go out three hours later and it will be running. I can feel the hot air from the little exhaust under the front right bumper and smell...
  19. T

    C220 CDi Cold Running

    C220 Cdi 2003 (W203) Winter's approaching and I'm not prepared to put up with the cold running of the C220 anymore, and before everyone chimes in with, "it must be the stat"; it aint. I thought it must be the stat too, so at the last service I got the garage to replace it, but it made no...
  20. O

    Heater/blower motor failed

    Hi all, I washed my C250 last Sunday after owning her for 1 week and jet washed the area under the windscreen wipers to remove leaves, I then found water inside the driver foot well, this has not happened when it's rained so I presume it somehow got in through the vents, the windows were...

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