1. peterould

    Parking Brake won't release - cold weather

    Hi all, First post - be gentle!!! I have an E220 Bluetec Cabriolet, 65 Reg, Diesel. Purchased in February. Gorgeous car - feels like a coupe when the roof is up, feels amazing with the roof down. The last two days have been icy mornings (first of the year) and I've noticed that the parking...
  2. R

    W216, CL500 Amplifier failure

    Hi All, Looking to purchase a 2008 W216 CL500, however the radio amp is cooked and needs replacement. £800 is the replacement cost, so obviously scouting for alternatives other than sendin the unit away for repair. Does the OEM amp do anything more than a similarly sized and rated aftermarket...
  3. AnthonyUK

    S203 Android head unit upgrade

    I finally got around to fitting an Android unit to replace the aging COMAND 2.0. I fitted an Erisin ES7863GB which is a current Android v8.0 unit with Octacore processor (PX5), 4Gb RAM and 32Gb rom. I was very straight forward to fit using the supplied cables and so far everything appears to be...
  4. J

    W221 COMAND NTG 3 iPod Connector in Glovebox

    I am in the process of deciding whether to buy a 2006 S320 CDI and in the glovebox there is an iPod connector (old style). I have tried to connect an iPhone 4 to it but it wont recognise it as a phone and wont charge it either. The car is fitted with the Telephone pre-wiring as an option (code...
  5. I

    W212 Audio 50 APS AUX question

    Hi, I have a 2011 W212 with the audio 50 APS and media interface fitted. When I press the 'disc' button, the display shows CD, Media interface and AUX as inputs. I know what the CD and Media interfaces are, but what is the AUX one? Is there another socket I have not found? What can I plug...
  6. J

    Mercs no good in winter?

    I know this has been discussed here, with some negative comments. We are just back from a spell in the Arctic circle, where MB seems a popular choice of car, including many taxis. It would appear that tyres and driver ability are the key issues. Jon
  7. S

    C180 W203 Stereo

    Hi all - really sorry if this post is in the wrong place :( My dad recently bought a C180 W203 2001 (Y) Saloon (2.0L) and it came with a sony explode CD Player and a tray underneath. The stereo has been linked to the cigarette lighter for the ignition (even though who ever had put it in had...
  8. G

    Factory fitted w124 front speakers?

    Are these factory fitted w124 speakers? I got this car used so i have absolutely no idea what the previous owners did to the car. I read that the original speakers are 120 mm in size but the speaker that's currently in the dash is 110mm. I'm looking at changing the speakers in my dash and i'm...
  9. J

    New E350 Estate on Snow / Ice

    Hello, this is my first post so apologies if this has been asked before - I have looked but could not quite find the same question anywhere. I have an E350 Sport Estate (diesal), 2010. It has a 'C' and an 'S' and an 'M' mode. I have been trying both the C and the M modes in the current...

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