1. JuniorMechanic

    What is it? Clutch, Flywheel or what?

    Hi, it's Juior Mechanic. I have been seeking a solution for my problem, and haven't found it. And I have no idea where to look, where to begin. My car is a 1991 w124 230CE (catalytic converter) five speed manual gearbox The engine is smooth, drives and runs ok, it also starts ok. Problem...
  2. A

    Help - M271 Engine Rough Idle, Misfire Codes P0301-303, P0325 Knock Sensor, P0341 Cam Pos Sensor

    Mercedes C180K - 2006 (W203) Engine M271 100,000 miles My C180K will not start and if it does it sounds like a diesel tractor and runs rough. Can anyone help me detect the reason because due to Covid 19 i can't take it to a garage and i need the car to use to shop etc. It all started the one...
  3. N

    C200k Rough Idle (hot) + Errors: P0171 P0301 P0302 P0303 P0304

    Hi All, have issue with poorly C200k, auto. Car has done 80k and is due a service. Starts fine every time hot or cold. But when engine warm/hot the idle often (but not always) goes rough, very rough and the car drives terrible under 2000 rpm. If you rev it between 1000-2000 rpm the car...
  4. S

    SL 500 M113 engine intake manifold mystery port causing rough erratic idle / loudness

    Hello forum Simply put, I had a problem with the car (detailed below as it may relate to your problem) and I have found the cause but do not know what part is missing? its the black port on the intake manifold - like a speedfit or pushfit connector? here is a library image. After...
  5. P

    W208 CLK 230K Squeaks under low throttle or idle

    Hi all My 2001 W208 CLK 230K has developed a high-pitched squeak when the engine is idle or revved up to around 1500rpm. I think it may be bodywork as the same squeak happens very slightly when I shut the driver's door! Has anyone experienced this before? Many thanks all! Pete
  6. S

    Hello I am seeking help

    I have misplaced my Haynes manual. Can anyone tell me the specifics of my car I need the data for setting up the engine,.... eg... Airfuel mixture, Idle speed... (190e 2.0 auto E reg) thank you
  7. S

    A140 cold start idling problem - idling at 650, should be 900

    A140, 1999, 1.4, manual. The initial Mass air flow issue resolved but car not fixed. MAF repaired by ECUTesting - retested for idling and they said ECU/MAF is fine. The car is idling at 650 - according to mechanic it should idle at 900 for manual. Gets a bit better when engine gets warm...
  8. S

    2000 V W202 220CDI Squealing on Idle

    When My Car is Idling it has started to give out a loud squeal:confused: that sounds like a mass of Crickets, it disappears as soon as Revs exceed 1,000RPM it sounds like it's coming from A/C Compressor, Aux Belt was changed last Year, Car has done 130K
  9. J

    shaky idle w202

    Had a few problems with my car recently. loss of power, engine cutting out and strange revvs. These problems have all been solved with a new bosch MAF and a new lambda sensor. However now there is a very small shake/fluctuation on idle. I was hoping this might be due to the car getting used to...
  10. S

    1997 C250 Deisel

    I have a c250 deisel which is ok on start up, however after a couple of minutes when the engine starts to warm the idling causes the car to shake, I have tried using various fuel cleaners and none of them have cured it... coming to the conclusion that the injectors may need attention, Does...
  11. B

    300ce idle dip

    evening all!! does anybody elses 4 speed automatic mercedes do this? after starting engine and driving off, then comming gto a junction or traffic lifts, leaving car in drive, the idle dips to 500rpm and almost cuts out!!! odd i know!! my haynes manual isnt particularly clear as to...
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