indicator fault

  1. J

    A class indicator flashing purple

    Hi there, i’ve just recently brought a used 2017 a class and had to replace the driver side headlight unit. However the problem is that it all works fine but the indicator flashes purple and i have no clue why. The left indicator functions as normal and i made sure to buy the exact same part...
  2. R

    2012 Sprinter 315CDI indicator lamp not blown but stopped working. Is there a fuse possibly for LHS.

    On Sunday suddenly my LHS indicator lamp stopped working. Right turn indicator is fine. Thought it was a bulb but the bulb is fine. Where else should I look to solve the problem? Many thanks. RF
  3. S

    Front led indicator fault

    Hi all had a problem with my C350 today offside front LED indicator stopped working came up on the dash telling me which one it was all the others worked on the offside had a quick check at the connection plug anybody had any other issues or fixes for it intermittent fault only started today...
  4. Richie Livo

    SL350 Right wing mirror indicator issue

    Good morning Guys, Can’t find a thread with my issue! Noticed this morning that my right wing mirror indicator stays on very faint 24/7? Does anyone have any idea what the issue is? When I unlock the car obviously the indicators flash.. then when I open the door it all goes off as normal...
  5. O

    W203 220CDi Coupe - Indicator Problems

    Good Evening folks, its been a while since I have been on here or posted. Now moderators if I've posted something thats been dealt with before, my apologies.... Apart from from an EPC power warning that pops a little too much, plus replacing all four injectors (and another one), so lets say...
  6. B

    C180 W203 indicator mystery

    Hi All, Just beginning to try and resolve a few issues with my Mercedes C180 Wondering if anyone has had issues similar to mine. And could venture a guess as to what might be going on. Recently I had one front indicator not working, then both stopped working which the substitute...
  7. J

    Intermittent indicator stalk

    Hi - First post in this forum so please bear with me! Our car has an intermittent fault with the indictator/windscreen wipers control stalk. For days it works perfectly and then the next day it either doesn't work or it does the opposite. If it indicates left but you've clicked it right, if...
  8. P

    Please help - CLC Front right side marker bulb warning

    Hi All Please help this is driving me insane. I keep getting a warning message on my dash "Front Right Side Marker Bulb". This sometiimes comes on when I start the car or other times it's fine when started but might pop up while driving along. Now, I understand what a side marker...
  9. A

    W204 indicator problem..intermittent!! Help!

    Hi, My c class w204 57 plate has a weird problem! When you start the car indicators work fine, after a short while they will suddenly stop so cant indicate left or right! Once i switch the car off and on they will be back on but only for a short while! Anybody else come across this issue...

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