1. S

    Indicator fualt.

    Hello everyone just wondering if anyone can help me.. im from the uk i have a mercedes A-class 2002, my first car. Im a new driver, only had it for 3 weeks. Anyway, when i indacate to go left sometimes my right indacate goes on 80% of the time. If i put my bull beam lights on then my left light...
  2. Smaltze

    Both indicators flashing fast, all bulbs fine.

    I managed to fix my left side repeater on the wingmirror, I originally thought was the cause but it seems not. All repeaters/bulbs etc in the whole car now work fine, I've changed the ones that were wrong. Although the dash still comes up as defective light. There seems to be no obvious...
  3. Smaltze

    MOT day

    Righto, just had my first mot on my w210. Various thing to report, unfortunately its failed.... BUT only on some pesky lamps and indicator problems. My straight pipe exhaust (described on the advisories as 'heavily modified':lol: ) has passed. The upper cat and one of the two lower cats...
  4. C

    CL500 indicator change

    Can someone please sdvise how I gain access to change the indicator bulb on a W215?
  5. J

    CLS Wing Mirror indicator replacement

    I have a 2007 CLS and I need to replace the indicator strip in the driver's door mirror (RH). I have had a poke around but can't see a way to get the cover off to remove the indicator. Does the back cover come off without having to remove the glass, motor etc?
  6. D

    W107 indicator stalk not cancelling

    Hi I have a W107 1987 300SL and the indicator does not do a very good job of self cancelling. I understand that this is a fairly common problem. Aparently, you can't get the stalk part new. Does anyone know the part number and/or who might have a second hand one (that does not have the...
  7. nicensleazy

    W208 Faulty Indicator/Wiper Stalk

    First of all a big Hello to everyone, I’ve been meaning to join the Forum for a while and haven’t got round to it but today seemed an appropriate day after the grief my 230 CLK has decided to give me since last Thursday. The vehicle is a 1998 Elegance in quartz blue with just under 90k on the...

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