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    W212 E250 Petrol Auto Transmission Downshift Clunk

    Hi all, I'm having an intermittent issue with my W212 E250, 60k mileage 2013, petrol auto. When motorway driving - if I put my foot down the transmission would downshift from gear 7 to say gear 5.... now just before gear 5 engages sometimes the transmission would clunk and cause the car to...
  2. C

    W212 (E250 petrol) Gearbox Jerk

    Hi all, W212, 2013, 7G+, E250, petrol, 38k mileage.... Sometimes (say 3 out of 10 times) there's a slight jerk when shifting from 1>2 and 2>3, the rest of the upshifts are very smooth. Also, sometimes (say 1 out of 10 times) there's also a slight jerk when downshifting and coming to a stop. I...
  3. A

    Engine management light

    hi guys I have this problem with my w204 c220 diesel estate automatic(2009) (98k), that I cant seem to figure out what it is. While stationery if i want to accelerate the car seems to hesitate initially with a jerk with idle moving up and down in rev range (500 to 1500 rpm) as if the car is...
  4. M

    Car starts missing the acceleration for couple of minutes

    Hi, Good Morning I hope everybody is very well, I have bought mercedes c200 cdi 2004 2.2 diesel two weeks ago but when i start the car in the morning, i leave the car for 10minutes to get warmed up as it's diesel & been told by somebody (never drove diesel before) After leaving the car...
  5. Y

    w203 C200k engine hesitaes and jerk

    I need some help here. My 2006 C200k with 47k miles is not performing well most of the time. The car hesitates and jerks alot when accelerating from a stop but after reaching the 3rd gear it drives normal the symptoms are more noticeable when going up a hill. I checked the computer for codes and...
  6. L

    auto 220e revving/ jerking in drive at a stop

    Hi, I have just come into possession of a 1993 Mercedes 220e automatic and have noticed that when in drive and I brake to a complete stop with the brake fully depressed the car is revving/jerking forward. My knowledge of cars is very limited and this is my first automatic car so not sure what...

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