1. PaulG

    W211 key fob question

    Hi I have changed my key fob so that on the first press it just opens the drivers door. I have also seen that if you hold down the open button on the key fob the windows should open as well as the door unlock. Is this a specific option for selected W211's or have I missed something when I try...
  2. T

    Hybrid: How to disable pre-entry climate control?

    I have a c350e. Does anyone know how I stop the car automatically turning on the heating every time I unlock it with my key fob? Every time I go to unplug the charging cable, I unlock the car and it's starts heating up using up my precious battery juice. Any clues? On the Mercedes Me portal...
  3. B

    2002 ML270 Key re-sync

    Hi again. Well today I replaced my key fob case with a shiny new one. I took the battery cover off, opened the case, took my board and chip out, placed everything into the new case and fastened it all back together. Pressed the unlock button and nothing. so searched how to re-sync the remote...
  4. S

    Help Key Fob Info needed!!!

    Hi I have a W210 E320, My one and only key fob was dropped a while back and has been slowly dying, as in i have to be right next to the car for it to work and today stopped working completely. Not only the doors but for the first time the ignition as well. I replaced the batteries but...
  5. G

    W220 (S320) Spare key wil open car but won't start engine

    Hi Everyone, First post to this forum here so I hope I can find some help. I have a June 2000 S320, no major complaints aside from a couple of niggles which I will ask about in due course but the most important issue is that of the spare key not working (I'm paranoid about losing the main...
  6. C

    keyfob battery

    The battery in my key is on the way out, takes 10-20 attempts to finally open the car, but sometimes it works fine first time. I though the car charged the batter as you drove!? If I have to replace the battery, what battery does it take so I can get one first. Or can MB charge it? CLK 230...

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