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    Mercedes E350 CDI 2010 Starting, Temperature issues.

    Hi All, I've been having a few issues with my recently purchased 2010 e350 coupe OM642.83 (93k miles). No codes showing. 1) The car struggles to start on first cold start but then remains fine for the rest of the day. Glow plug lights go off straight away as they should, and both plugs and...
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    CLS 320 Engine running rough

    Hi everyone and thank you in advance for any advice offered. I own a 2006 CLS 320 (diesel) with some peculiar running issues. 1) Intermittently - On acceleration there is no acceleration for the first 1cm of throttle depression. Only a knocking noise from the engine. Pushing past this the car...
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    2002 Mercedes E270 CDI W211 Loud idle (knocking) after 4-5 when cold

    Following my previous issue with seals and non-start due to injectors. I recon'ed 3 of them and no black smoke appears under load. However, there is a knocking noise at low engine speed/idling when say manovering around a car park. This is more prevalent when starting from cold, it starts...
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    Anyone selling a om642 engine also do they differ depending on bhp

    Hi all my car needa a new engine knocking and smoking terribly and metal fillings in oil filter, quiet a few mercedes have the same engine eg 350 cdi 320 cdi 300cdi 280cdi but the bhp is different is that only due to ecu or is the internals in the engine different they all have the same code...
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    Knocking on steering after M'way driving

    Hello guys My W202 C250td Estate has no noise with the steering on regular town driving but take her out on the motorway and she develops a terrible knock at you feet when you turn the wheel (left or right). Can be felt under both right and left footwells. Any ideas? Mechanic at a loss as he...
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    Mercedes mechanic croydon/purley surrey

    Anyone know of a good mechanic in this area. We have an ongoing fault with our E320 CDI which is making an intermittent knocking noise when pulling away from rest and sometimes from mild acceleration from 20 to 30 mph. Seems to be more pronounced after turning left or right or going over bumps...
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    rattling / knocking from offside front wheel

    I'm a proud new owner of a W126 500 se. She's a beauty all round cosmetically and in the engine, there's just one problem and I wondered if anyone has had a similar issue and might be able to suggets what the problem is. When the car goes over bumps or small potholes there's a sort of...

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