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    Mercedes sprinter 311 power loss

    Hello I'm new to this group, I need help with the problems with my sprinter 311 I've had it scanned and came up with loads of issues. The codes and issues are as followed 2244 no can message from control unit a1 2013 check component b14 can signal faulty 2510 check component y77/1 (boost...
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    Limp e220 bluetec diesel

    Hi Am new to Merc. Just bought my e220 diesel bluetec coupe Nov2015 model week back. Only done 8000 miles. Today, was driving back from work in slow traffic and suddenly would not go beyond 3rd gear and wouldn't speed up despite pressing hard on the acclerator. Have a dealer warranty for 3...
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    W205 engine light fault. NEWBIE on Forum

    Hi all, I have recently bought a brand new Mercedes C Class 250D AMG_line Night Edition. This is my first Mercedes which I'm loving very much, but I am experiencing the orange engine management light coming on. The car has only done 2500 miles with first engine lamp fault coming on under...
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    Coolant warning light, loss of power

    My 2011 Vito 116 CDi with 112,000 miles, fully serviced has just decided to lose power. Coolant warning light carm up in computer display indicating to pull over and switch off immediately, coupled with a loss of power, unable to get above 40mph, no revs. Pulled over. Switched off. Checked...
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    Loss of power

    Hi everyone. I have a E220 CDI Advanguarde 2.2 diesel, 2004 Auto (119,000 miles) Over the past few months I have noticed this intermitted fualt when i'm driving there is a loss of power. When I try to accelerater there is no response even with pedal to the floor. I have tried manually...
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    1999 S210 220CDI Limp home

    Esteemed posters, I turn to this forum for help with a problem I cannot shake; Every morning when starting the car, it will have an ABS warning, and if driven, the transmission won't work. It sticks in 3rd gear and the speedometer does not work. If I turn the ignition off and remove the key...

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