1. Terrykal

    Vehicle 2006 CLS 500 Bi-Fuel

    I am in thoughts of selling my 2006 CLS 500 due to a recent house purchase and with all the expenses in renovation. few details for this lovely car: bulletproof M113 V8 registered in January 2006 so it has cheaper tax £320 (and not £580 from mid 2006 onwards). tellurium silver which is a...
  2. J

    [Breaking] 1999 C230K auto sport LPG W202 silver/grey leather sell whole or in parts

    Served me very well for 9 years best car ever owned,:) now I am retired this car is not practical for my low use, I now have motorhome, LOOKS LIKE I NEED A SMART CAR!:o 50 mpg on LPG, 2 months tax & MOT, drive away. Engine & gearbox run perfectly well Faults: hot starting, no problems...
  3. E

    Blow By on C180k (LPG Convert)

    Hi Everyone, I recently got my Mercedes C180k 1.8 (w203) converted to run on LPG. After conversion, I was having a few problems, and whilst we were investigating, the LPG Fitter opened the Motor Oil filler cap, and there was fumes coming out along with a knocking noise. Now I'm no...
  4. M

    Want constructive help in selling my CLK

    Hi there, I have advertised my CLK several times now and hit a blank. Not one single phone call, or e-mail that wasn't a scammer trying to get me to send their shipping agent money. Ebay barely got going, my car getting no-where near the reserve, and other, far lesser models fetching...
  5. R

    Ml 320 lpg

    I have bought ML 320 LPG converted few days ago, i filled full tank of lpg upto 62 litre, it only lasted me 72 miles in total and lpg finished, can somebody tell me what it could be the problem. since the lpg converted its only done 17k miles.
  6. B

    Problems after implementing LPG System

    Hi Everyone, I have Mercedes C200 Elegance manufactured 1995 yr. When I bought it it had mono point LPG system. With this system every thing was fine, but it has one problem when you change from high gear to low i has detonations (which as I was explained it was normal for that type of...

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