1. P

    E350CGI, 2010, Lean Errors Help please!!

    Merry Christmas all, hopefully someone may be able to offer some advice. Situation: 2010 E350 CGI Petrol, 95k miles Historically (over past 35k miles) I got 26.7mpg Over last poss 700 miles, average dropped to 26.4! so a big drop, struggle to get over 24 mpg driving like a pussy but on none...
  2. M

    Terrible intermittent Engine Vibration

    OK. Firstly I apologise for the long winded nature of my post. I have a 2010 CLS Grand Edition with 108k miles on it. A few weeks back I was driving normally at around 30mph. I stopped at a junction. Accelerated quite quickly into the road and I felt a strange vibration in the throttle pedal...
  3. A

    Sprinter 311 smoking please help

    Let me start by saying hi , first post on here , I recently bought 2008 sprinter 311 lwb 123.000 miles , seemed to be well cared for , first 800 all is well ... until , the smoke started !! White smoke pouring from the exhaust.. So ... I had a mechanic call out to try and diagnose the...
  4. A

    MAF Sensor - Cleaning With Alcohol

    Hello, Is it ok to clean MAF sensor by flushing it with alcohol? Thank you, Arv.
  5. J

    CLK55 won't start - error code P0112

    Strange issue with my CLK today. Headed off to work and car started fine, then 2 minutes up the road, I remembered that I'd forgotten something so headed back home. Pulled up outside and ran in the house to grab what I needed (was in the house all of 2 minutes) and then came back out, jumped in...
  6. J

    Help on error code P01006 - Sensor 1 Has A Malfunction Algorithm Fault

    Hi, hope I'm posting in the right place, first time, so Hi:) Can anyone help me diagnose an issue I'm having with my 2013 C220 > :) Driving home I noticed my car had no power beyond the 3000rpm range. The engine light was also on. I noticed that the intake intercooler pipe was split (driver...
  7. C

    MAF removal W215 M113

    Quickie please gents, how do I remove the MAF sensor? I've got it unplugged, don't know how to remove the cylinder and don't want to break anything!
  8. J

    MAF related nightmare?

    Hello chaps, awesome forum by the way, I have always been floating around finding solid advice and never felt the need to post until now! I own a w202 c200 automatic after catching the bug from a brief stint in a 190 a few years back and despite this car not being on the level of the 190 it...
  9. F

    Supercharger problem , any input much appreciated.

    My 2003 clk200 was driving fine until a week ago when it started losing power , the engine managment light came on. I replaced the MAF and problem solved, It drove better than ever,For ten minutes. Now the supercharger wont engage whatsover, there is no loss of power atall and no engine...
  10. B

    Something else a faulty MAF can do !

    Hi everyone, Haven't posted for quite a while, but thought I'd share this experience since it has reached conclusion. The full story is in the reference given, but in essence, a faulty MAF on my car was causing a pending P0221 and disengaging the accelerator. I know the MAF was fine...
  11. S

    W203 C220 CDI Possible MAF Fault??

    I've seen a few post on here with the same issue as my car but no definitive answer Today my W203 C220 CDI stopped reving past 3000RPM I was told one possible cause is the MAF sensor I disconnected this while the car was running and there was no difference at all. on my last car (A Nissan...
  12. W

    Maf Sensor reading -46 degrees

    just had a new maf sensor put on the ML as the last one was reading -46 but still reading -46 degrees. any help guys? could it be electric problem?
  13. P

    C220 CDI 2006 stutter when warm

    Hi It seems we have an odd issues with our c220 CDI. The car drives and performs fantastic during winter months but have noticed that when the outside temp is 10 degrees plus. When cruising/engine temp is upto working then we get stutters and some power loss ie its limited to 3K revs and...
  14. J

    E320 CDI - Intermittent No Kickdown & Power Loss

    Dear All, My E320cdi automatic (w210 late 2000 with 90k miles) has an intermittent problem whereby : - It won't kickdown, or even change down on the throttle. - It seems to lack power in whatever gear I select manually. - Seems unwilling to rev much over 2000 rpm. I have clean...
  15. Z

    vito 108cdi 2003

    hi Got three problems ,i need help with from any kind soul out there. 1) glow plug light stays on, changed the relay still staying on, any one have a wiring diagram, can i pull the plug out of the relay, does it mean the plugs are constantly energized? 2) black smoke on pull away,even though...
  16. T

    W203 running slow, 40mph max

    Wifes C200 CDi is running roughly. About 2 weeks ago I took it out for a spin, and after accelerating passed another car, the engine management light came on, and the car seemed to lack power. Took it home and left it overnight.. Next day, engine management light was off, and car was running...
  17. S

    Error codes P2359 and P2355

    Hi All, Nowthat I fixed the AC in my car I now have other error codes! I do not believe that they are related. The error codes I got were P2359 Boost pressure control maximum exceeded P2355 EGR Air Mass too low. I have read many threads about the MAF etc, but before I start I would like...
  18. D

    C220CDi 2001/W203 loss of power

    My 2001/W203 C Coupe 220CDi has developed a fault where part way through a journey it loses power. Happens after 30mins/30 miles, car will accelerate up to 70mph on flat - on hills it slows to 55mph. Only first 30% of accelerator travel has any effect, the next 30-100% makes no difference...
  19. R

    È200 MAF Replacement

    Hi I am trying to replace the MAF on an E200 Estate Kompressor Year 03 Model 211.242 I have removed the Air filter lid and the filter and the 2 screws from the MAF and the electrical connector but it seems like there is a third screw or something holding it attached. I dont want to tug...
  20. K

    Possible MAF problems

    Hello I've been looking on the MB forum and the MAF failure matches some of my problems, loss in power, feeling of delay in gear changes.... I popped the car into the local garage and they drove it round and everything seemed fine...they also plugged it in and found no fault errors.. wouldnt...

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