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    Tyres for W211 E320 CDI 225/55 R16 95 W

    For sure this question has been asked many times but I would like to ask it again due to the fact that technique is developing very quickly. Anyone knows a good and reliable tyres for W211 E320 CDI ? Uptill now I am using MICHELIN Primacy HP 225/55 R16 95 W. These tyres are doing very good but...
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    CLC 220 CDI Michelin tyre recommendation

    I need to replace a front tyre and usually favour Michelins which I buy from Costco. However the current version appears to be a pilot sport 4 which has improved fuel ratings where as Mercedes still only recommend the pilot sport 2 being an earlier version. Are the Mercedes approved Pilot...
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    Inside tyre wear + what tyres for W211 220 CDi (16" Rim)

    Hi all, Having suffering from vibration on the rear of my W211 I took it down to my local tyre place today and he has stated that one of the rears are out of shape and the other 3 are worn badly on the inside so he says all 4 need replacing. Is this normal behaviour on a W211? My guy says...
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    Great service from Michelin

    As a long-time user of Michelin tyres, I was disappointed to find that the tyres on my new E-Class Avantgarde only lasted 3 years of low-mileage use before they crazed badly and needed replacing. I contacted Michelin UK who asked me to send them the tyres - at their expense - for checking out...

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