1. Celso Hernandez

    C220 W205, issues when I try to play music from the phone

    Hello guys, I have a C220 BLUETEC w205 2015. Im trying to connect my phone to the car so that I can listen to Spotify there. When I connect the phone via bluetooth I can make phone calls through the car and it works wonders. But for me to play media it hasn't worked so far. I don't know if im...
  2. C

    Media on USB - C class.

    I used to have separate USB sticks for different sets of music and it always worked perfectly in my C200. Always picked up from where it left off. I've now put everything on one 128Gb stick and set up playlists but it doesn't work consistently. Often when I return to the car it says 'no device...
  3. K

    Media skipping artwork

    Hi all, I'm a new user, so hi! was looking for help with playing music through bluetooth. My 19 plate a class 180 has recently started skipping art work for songs. The song playing will match what is playing on apple music on my phone, but the artwork is on the next song scheduled on shuffle...
  4. N

    S Class 2007 Entertainment System

    Hi all, Wanted to ask if anyone knew of a place in the UK that did entertainment systems for the S Class W221 2007 model. I saw a link online however they are based in America. Link provided below. I am looking for something which can connect my phone via Bluetooth to play music and...
  5. R

    How do I play music from my phone

    Hi there. My 2011 e220 doesn’t have the ability to play music via Bluetooth. I’ve seen a lot of posts saying there is an aux cord located either in the glove box or centre tray, however in my car there is not an aux I put in either places. There is only a Mercedes media plug located in the...
  6. A

    command - which one have i got and USB music format

    Hi all. Thanks in advance Ive got a 2012 e class coupe. My command system has USB but no SD slot. I will need a separate navigation module to install in the glove compartment to enable navigation. Which command system is that? command online??? second question some music from USB device don't...
  7. J

    Hi Guys!! W204 issues!!

    Hi guys new here!! Seems like everyone is a helpful bunch! Has anyone tried to use Spotify through the cable in their Car through a 30 pin to lighting adaptor??? Just wondering if anyone's made it work, I have the smaller 5 inch screen Thanks guys!!!

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