nox sensor

  1. M

    Nox sensor or something else?

    Hello! I have a 2018 e220d 65k miles on the clock and the engine management light appeared whilst diving yesterday. I continued my journey for about 100 miles and the car continued to drive "normal". I hooked the car up to a friend's computer and got the following results shown in picture. Are...
  2. E

    Xentry Diagnostics Value 751 - Factor for adaption of component 'NOx sensor upstream of SCR catalytic converter'

    Hi: This is my first post, so here's a bit of background on me and what I know first. Sorry it's a bit long-winded. I have a late 2014 CLS 350 Bluetec (the facelift version) that I maintain myself as I have decent garage facilities, tools, and also Xentry diagnostics 2021. I have been having...
  3. C


    Hi Folks New on here but I’ve had my w205 c220d coming 9months now. Only real downside Iv experienced is the Nox sensor. With it being a common problem I ran into delays getting from MB. I’ve now managed to get the part under warranty just shy of £400 and my Indy wants £84+vat n hour labour...
  4. J

    E220d Adblue Pump Malfunction Message - After 2 new pump part replacements

    So, I have an AdBlue malfunction message appear, along with the EML and a count-down (miles). Went to my Merc garage - Who ran the diagnostics (with Merc software), which returned an 'AdBlue Pump malfunction' (Change pump). So, they ordered the new pump part and fitted into the car. Ran the...
  5. P

    NOX sensor - clean but EML still shows

    Hey guys, I bought a 14 C Class last July from a local dealer (not MB) and the EML showed up not long ago. I went to an independent electrical garage and their tablet said it looked to be an issue with the NOX sensor. I’ve read the experiences of others here, but feel my situation is a bit...
  6. S

    Is there a way to identify which NOX sensor has failed?

    Purchased an approved used C200 in March 2019 and just two weeks before the 18 month (August 2020) warranty ran out the engine management light came on and the dealer luckily replaced the NOX sensor FOC. Fast forward to December 2021 and again the same thing. Engine management light comes on...
  7. C

    Nox sensor Bank 1

    Hi all, engine light on on my 2015 C220d bluetec diagnosed as Nox sensor bank 1. Garage quotes about £450 for the part. I am looking at AUTODOC APP and see there are many more cost effective (cheaper) options. Is there a particular brand that should be sourced? Any to be avoided? TIA
  8. 2018C200

    Nox Sensor

    My C200d, 2018 was still under warranty, the engine management light came on, the said it’s the Nox sensor and it’s under warranty but because they found water in the Nox sensor and they are not sure where from water came from, the warranty will be invalid and they want £750 for sensor fittings...
  9. I

    NOx sensor failure on 2015 E220 Auto BlueTech

    I have recently had my auxiliary battery replaced so my stop/start works now. When paying my bill, I was presented with output from XENTRY that both NOx sensors needed replacing. Apparently, there is a shortage of them and they could install one new and one refurb for £1000. On another forum I...
  10. G

    Could Nox sensor replacement damage fuel filter housing?

    My C250 diesel S205 went into the dealership recently to have the EWL diagnosed. Needed a new battery. I fitted one the day after. Stop/start works again too. They also replaced Nox sensor(s) and software updates which was done under a recall. I'd had a previous recall letter about an airbag...
  11. S

    Ml250 W166 NoX sensor fault code P2201

    Hi I only picked up my 2012 Ml 2 weeks ago and while my wife was driving the Engine Management light came on, I phoned the garage where I purchased it from and they told me to phone the AA, they came out and checked the fault as a P2201 NoX sensor circuit range/Performance bank 1, he cleared the...
  12. M

    Recurring NOX sensor issue on 16 model C200 Coupe (petrol)

    This is my first post to these forums, so apologies in advance if this is not the right place to post and if so please feel free to move it to a more suitable forum. My 16 plate C200 Coupe (petrol) has a recurring NOX sensor problem. The amber engine warning light comes on and during the...

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