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    Parking sensor problem

    Hi, I have a 2017 e-class S213 and have a parking sensor problem where 9/10 times on selecting drive/reverse it comes up with the red and constant beep all around the car as if there is a parking sensor problem. Someone has scuffed the bumper a few years ago and was fixed properly however...
  2. Z

    PARKTRONIC issue - still new to how these things work

    Hi guys Ive just bought a 2015 C63 - wow, what a beautiful machine! it drives fantastic, lovely car and its clear i dont know how everything works yet but i think the parking sensors arent working properly. - at least i dont think so. When i start the car - the red and yellow bars both fill up...
  3. D

    Advice on fitting parking sensors, 2003 C180

    Hi Everyone Just picked up a 2003 C180 and looking to fit some parking sensors. Has anyone tried the drill free version, with an antenna strip that you stick inside the bumper?
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    Parking sensors issue post grille swap

    Hi all, I have a 2018 (facelift) C43 and have recently changed the front grille. The weather in UK has been awful of late and I have noticed that my parking sensors are no longer working. When I start the car and put into reverse all sensors flash red around the car on the centre screen and then...
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    W204 parking sensor numbering

    Hi, my 2012 W204 C220 (SE facelifted model with LED running lights) has a fault with the parking sensors, with the two red lights coming on with the parktronic when I engage the gears. Its been intermittent, and normally clears after heavy rain, so its been irritating rather than a major issue...
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    sl 350 r230 Parktronic Problem and auxiliary battery drain

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so please any help would be much appreciated here. I have a 2004 sl350 which I love and has been running great other than the odd hickup for the past 2 years after the initial water problems were all dried up. I have searched the forum and seen a couple...
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    CLK 2003 320 - Park sensor & Boot lock

    Hi all, Could anyone advise me with following 2 problems: 1) Front parking sensor comes on (even though car is not near an object), I'll just hit the 'turn off' button on the dash, then the passenger seat belt sound comes on (I have to put seat belt in to stop noise), these 2 things seem to...
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    C220 Reversing Camera

    Evening all, After learning the hard way that the parking sensors cannot see very low down objects I've decided i'd really like to retrofit a reversing camera. Has anyone else done it? Is it a DIY or professional job? I would want the factory fitted type, not the type that replaces the...
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    Parktronics problems

    I bought an ML320 in 07 and had 2 or 3 sensors replaced under warranty. Just out of warranty another 2 failed costing me around £360 to replace. A year ago it failed again intermittently and the Merc dealer said 2 more had failed. I didn't get it fixed and it worked for a while and then died. I...
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    Reverse sensors not working? cany any one help

    Hello I have a Mercedes Benz C class 2.7 CDI Auto tip 2001, its only done 58k and drives fantastic, I will be keeping it, I have not long had the car and need to fix a few bits to make it perfect! If any one could help me out? The car has rear reverse sensors but they are not working when...
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    Rear parking sensor W209

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips - the rightmost parking sensor on the rear bumper of my W209 moved 1/2 inch back in the socket and was loose. I tried to push it forward from behind the bumper but only managed to accidentally pull it all the way out so now it's dangling down by its...
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