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    W209 Parking Brake Adjustment and Pedal Return Issue

    I've browsed various forums and threads and haven't been able to solve this. First of all is the adjustment. At the last MOT I believe the parking brake was flagged as having no effect and I presume the garage adjusted it. After that it felt like the brakes were binding a little, perhaps it was...
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    Strange vibration/resonance through pedals c coupe

    Hi I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on this problem. It has me completely stumped. I have a 2014 c coupe 200cgi 1.8 petrol turbo which has only covered 3000km. I have this very annoying resonance which can be felt through the pedals (amg type automatic) which seems...
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    clutch pedal fail help

    i got a mk 1 vito 113 w638 petrol ,got in cab and clunk pedal fell to floor, checked resivoir low topped up pressed pedle loads clutch came back drove ok parked up next day same thing except following what i had done before this time nothing (~@ pedal) now i tried bleeding ,read up on tinterweb...
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    Help, My A140 1999 is Revving itself!

    Hi, I recently bought a A140 1999 reg Elegance. I have noticed sometimes (usually after the car has been left for a few hours) That the engine Revvs itself after i have started it (this lasts for 30secs to 1min maximum). I have watched the rev counter and there is definitely movement. This does...

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