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  1. R

    New C300D

    Hi guys, I have just put a deposit down on a 2020 69 plate C300D but I have just noticed on the door from images I took it doesn't have the seat image with the adjustable controls for the seats, mirrors etc for different users, the car is an AMG Premium plus 9G Tronic so I was under the...
  2. L

    Text messages

    Hello, Sorry I am new to mercedes benz and I was hoping someone could help me regarding text messaging. Will a premium plus model let you see text messages as standard or do you need a specific additional pack please? Many thanks
  3. R

    2017 C220 Premium plus Sport or AMG

    New here, but just looking to purchase my first MB! I've found a 2017 C220 Premium Sport in Grey, with 38k on the clock which looks good. I've also seen a few AMG models around but just wondered what peoples thoughts were between the Sport and AMG. Also has anyone got a Premium Plus model -...
  4. Janchee

    Radiator fan stays on after engine stopped (W213 66 E220d)

    Hi all, I've noticed that sometimes the radiator fan on my car stays on after a drive. Now, I know this is normal; however, the fan is still coming on even when it is freezing and driven exceptionally gently. The fan doesn't stay on all the time after a drive; however, I noticed it this...
  5. Lisadj

    New C class Coupé :)

    I've been a member for a couple of years, I just changed from a 2014 C220 AMG Line saloon in iridium silver to a coupé in brilliant blue. Same model but with premium plus pack :cool: This post has turned out to be a bit longer than I expected :? IF TLDR the pics are at the bottom :p It was...
  6. S

    CAT 5 TRACKER & Electric issue

    Took delivery of the new C-Class last week and had it fitted with a CAT 5 TRACKER ('Tracker Response') yesterday. I chose this particular system as it is MB approved and one of the best out there - and we seem to have new cars go missing in our area. Car ran fine on route home, to the gym...

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