1. B

    W205 wood Ash trim and clock retrofit SAM unit

    Hi everyone Does anyone have a detailed instruction manual or video which could help with getting access to the front SAM unit to retrofit the analogue clock to the centre console. I have been advised that the bonnet release lever needs to be removed from the drivers footwell but I am having...
  2. H

    Retrofit of push-button power assisted opening of hatch back door

    Hello I drive a 2011 A180cdi, the old A class. I am disabled with MS and use a small disability scooter with a hoist from the boot, but it has become increasingly difficult for me to manoeuvre around the back corner of the car and open the boot. What I need to continue to be independent is...
  3. K


    Hi there guys, iv recently bought a 2015 mercedes a class that doesnt come with electric seats, now iv got some a45 bucket seats that are electrically adjusted, they can be retrofitted but i just want to know where from, preferably somewhere closeish to the south and west yorkshire region...
  4. S

    A207 E CLASS cabriolet DAB retrofit

    Hi all, I have been reading around the forums about retrofitting the dab unit. I have the Comand Online unit with Audio 20, and found oem DAB units on the well known auction site. I would like to keep it original but don't want to spend £1000+ on it, especially when the part can be sourced so...
  5. L

    CLK w209 Comand retrofit

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to retrofit a Comand unit to my 2006 w209 CLK (Face Lift). I have done a lot of reading on the topic but want to make sure that I'm 100% familiar with the process & know what I'm doing whilst at it - without having any concerns or uncertainties. I'll only be choosing...
  6. H

    Retrofit cruise control to A class 2001?

    Is it possible to retrofit cruise control to a 2001 Mercedes A Class 190? If it is, how can we get the parts and undertake the fitting? My partner has injured her knee and needs a cruise control and we don't really want to change the car. Thanks for your help
  7. Irresistance

    W220 DPF Retrofit - Doable?

    Hello, Okay... all these posts about DPF today reminded me of a thing I was thinking about a while ago... I go to Germany quite a fair bit and as some of you probably know, they now have the Umweltzone in city centers which is not accessible to cars below EURO4. As it is, my W220 does not...
  8. U

    Retrofit reverse camera to new CLS

    Hi I've been offered a good lease deal on a pre-built CLS350. The only extra I really wanted which it doesn't have is a reverse camera. Car has COMAND. Is there any way of retrofitting the camera? I've seen a few websites but they mention specific models - none of which is the CLS. Any...
  9. G

    HRS To Wiclic

    Hi Anybody know the part number or the adapter cable from HRS to Wiclic. Fitting a GPS antenna it has a WICLIC plug and my comand has a HRS connection. Regards
  10. E

    Retrofit Auto Dimming Rear-View Mirror to A Class (W169)

    Hi there, Does anyone know if it is reasonably easy to retrofit an automatic dimming rear view mirror to an A Class W169? I am hoping that the required wiring will be in place and all that is needed is to fit the mirror with the sensor unit built in. Could it really be that simple? I have my...
  11. C

    Parktronic retrofit coding

    Just finished installing a parktronic retrofit kit (proper MB one - rear sensors only) to my C class, put the fuse into the rear SAM and it all sprang into life :D This begs a question about coding - MB WIS says / infers that some coding of modules using STAR will be needed to make the...
  12. S

    '05 A Class Dual zone climate retrofit?

    Hello I recently purchased a used A170 Elegance SE 3dr, and while it ticked nearly all the boxes I was looking for, I really wanted the fancy dual-zone climate control (all the ones with this option were way over my budget). Is it possible to retrofit this at a later date? I'm aware it could...

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