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    Mercedes SLK230 Auto R127 Cutting Out

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem to the one I'm experiencing with my 1999 SLK230. It starts and runs absolutely fine, but after driving for typically 15 to 20 minutes it literally cuts out (engine), and when this happens the coolant fan runs for some time as this...
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    SLK 230 R170 Electric Seat Fault

    The seat controls on my SLK230 R170 have intermittent fault Sometimes none of seat controls on either seat work ie seats cannot be moved backwards and forwards or any of the other adjustments when car used first thing in morning Sometimes they work when engine as been running for 5 or 10...
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    SLK230 R170 Roof Leaks

    Have problem with water dripping on to passenger seat of my 2002 SLK230 I can collect over a pint of water overnight! Does anyone have a solution to this problem?.
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    SLK230 stuttering engine

    My 1998 R reg SLK230 is stuttering when driving along all of a sudden. It seems below 2000 revs it is genrally ok, but anything above this and the power drops straight away. Having real problems driving now, especially uphill and maitaining speed. Anyone got any ideas what the issue may...
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    Auto to Tiptronic??

    Can i fit a W170 tiptronic gear lever/module to my R170 automatic? I can change the gears with the stick with no problem but it is not the same as a quick flick of a tiptronic stick. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated :confused:
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    1996 SLK central locking

    Hi I have a slk 230 inPortugal and had a faulty roof it was sticking I took it to the merc dealer here and they said it was a rear quarter window problem so they ordered it when I went to collect the car the said it was the roof module £1100 I took a second hand one from England and they said...
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    Speed Limiter Beeping

    Hi, I've got a SLK 230K 2000. A few days back one of my rear lights blow and my speed limiter stopped working. I changed the bulb and the speed limiter started working again. But next day the speed limiter stopped working again, but as far as I can tell all the bulbs are OK. Does...
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    SLK 230 manual use of key won't open doors

    I have recently acquired my 1998 SLK 230. Central locking works fine using both the remote and the in-car c/l switch but the key will not lock or unlock the doors when used manually. The lock barrel turns freely (and soundlessly) through a quarter turn in either direction but that's about it...

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