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  1. MercPassion

    Any ideas? W124: Cold start issue

    Hello! Can anyone help me identify what the reason(s) might be for my 1991 W124 200E to give starting problem? Please see short video here: Merc 200E start Only happens on a cold start. Once warm - it starts fine. If you could list possible aspects to look at, so...
  2. Mizdavilly

    W168 start error

    Hi everyone. I have a mercedes benz A class w168 and I had it for years and nothing wrong with it , the other day while I was starting it up it the engine revolved slowly as of it was a cold start it moved but when I tried to start it again it showed start error massage. What I have done so far...
  3. L

    Vito start error

    Could really use some advice and help with my 2004 vito. I've had to get the injectors overhauled after one had been left too long with black death by the previous owner, which has caused it to overheat the injector and caused excessive wear. This is now all sorted, however it has come up with a...
  4. Jim Shores

    Starting Error-2003 SLK230!

    I swapped out the key fob and now I am getting the "Start Error" in the odometer box!? I was very careful when I swapped out the electronics into the new case which I purchased on eBay. I inserted the key and initially the car started and ran for 10 seconds and shut-down. Intermittently the...
  5. R

    problem with cold start! W211 320 CDI

    For almost a month I am having a problem with the cold start of the engine of my W211 320 CDI. When the car is cold in the morning, the engine must turn about 10 times before it starts. In the past, this was not the case. There is no message / light on the dashboard. As well there is no smoke...
  6. L

    START ERROR Vito 108cdi

    hello everyone is there someone that can please help advise us on a problem with our van? The air con wasn't working so i started checking the fuses i did have the ignition on not the engine whilst doing this, i had no idea which fuse was what so i checked all under the steering wheel and under...
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