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    2010 W204 C250 - No start no crank. Fuse blowing

    2010 W204 C250 Cdi 2143 No start no crank. Replaced relay (position M), and starter fuse (fuse 7) is blowing. Doesn't blow with old relay. Searching online the fuse blowing is common for starter motor issues drawing too much power, so may need a new one, but before replacing the starter motor...
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    Mercedes c350e malfunction

    Hi I am having this issue with malfunction and 2gearwheels. The engine is not going back to hybrid…I did changed the starter motor and it worked for few miles, but then started again the same issue. Shall I change the starter relay? Looks like is loosing a connection or somethin..
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    Starter Motor Problem

    The car doesn’t start occasionally. The battery was changed 2 weeks ago, everything was working perfectly fine until the problem occurred again. You can hear specific noise while trying to start the car, additionally dashboard doesn’t light up while starting the car. Can it be the starter motor...
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    Starter motor replacement on C220 2003

    Good afternoon. I'm considering replacing the starter motor of my now stranded Merc on my drive. What's your advice? How long would it take? Should I do it myself or rather leave it to a garage? If diy is an option, does anyone have or know where to find instructions? Thanks for your help/views...
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    Merc Sprinter 311 cdi Starter motor location

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone help please ? I have a no start no crank issue on my 2007 cdi 311 sprinter can anyone advise me with a image if possible as to where the starter motor is located so I may check it out. I have been under the van 3 or 4 times and I just can't find it. Also could you...
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    when I start the engine on the morning...

    Hello, I have a c class 200 cdi (w203), a year ago when I bought the car is good and when I start the engine every morning I wait for 4 min to heat the motor. The dashboard say that From Start you have 4 min ---- 10 l/km, That is OK But now I see that when I start 1 min ---- 12 l/km, and...
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    Ok I'm new so be nice! Think I'm posting this on the right section :/ Oh and don't use mega car terminology, Ok so on Xmas day, the starter fuse blew, so I upped the Amps to a 20a Started fine, then blew, anyways now the starter has completely packed up, a guy come Today to put it on his...
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    A Class starter

    Hello, help please, is it possible to have a faulty starter motor even if it seems to be turning on the key? A150 W169 suddenly developed starting problem. It turns slowly and sometimes tries to fire then stops, sometimes it will start and then run perfectly on the journey. Hand scanner - No...
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    My Mercedes E-200 Won't Start

    My Mercedes E200 1997 car starts with the turning of the key but does not get to the kick-on point - just draining the battery. Attempts were made to jumpstart it with the power pack but still it did not start. The car is now located in a yard along Shepcote Lane, Sheffield. I need it sorted...
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    is there a starter lock out relay or is it the main starting one

    car started drove to work. After lunch ,engine not turning over, called AA. Battery ok, brake light switch operating ok, instrument lights and all other electric seem OK. AA man tried tapping starter, then went under car and bridged the solenoid to the starter, we now have a running engine the...
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    E320 dead battery or starter motor?

    Hi have a 2000 E320 avant guard estate deisel which wont start. All dash lights come on, then dim but stay on, fuel pre heater goes off, turn key & get a click, no turnover. Breakdown man tried jump leads from his truck, still wouldnt turn over. He suggested that the battery was dead, but...
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    1977 230 wont start

    So a strange thing happened... My 1977 230 had been starting very well, but suffered from a hunting problem when hot, so I decided to change a few parts just to make sure they weren't causing the problem. I changed the Ignition Coil, Distributer Cap and Rotor, plus the spark plug wires...

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