starting fault

  1. J

    Can seat belt sensor fault cause starting problems ?

    My A180 has been giving me intermittent starting/cutting out problems for some weeks now and the MB garage is unable to pinpoint the fault. I now find that a friend attempted to fix a jammed rear seat belt buckle and replaced the fixed part of the mechanism between the rear seat squabs. I had...
  2. J

    W202 C200 immobilzer & start fault

    Hello People, Need some help. :( i have a C200 w202 4 cyl petrol that wont start. There seems to be two issues. vehicle cranks but wont fire. 1.originally i had no prime or switching to the fuel pump with ignition and no spark on crank. i removed the ignition module to inspect the plug...
  3. B

    1996 Mercedes SLK 230 won't start

    Help! Our 1996 Mercedes SLK 2298 cc won't start. The ignition turns on OK. But when I turn the key to crank nothing. If I apply 12V to the starter solenoid the starter cranks and engages but engine will not start. Tried turning the key a few times and then it started. Off and on again OK. But...
  4. R

    Cant get started

    I wonder if someone would be kind enough to offer a few thoughts! I have a 2006 mecedes CLK 2.2 diesel, which was running fine other than every now and then I would turn the ignition key it would go through the pre start checks etc then not start on final twist of the key. This was not a...
  5. G

    Non-Starting Merc A140

    Hey all! I have a Mercedes A140 Elegance (2001) model which appears to not want to start in the cold... (Tried wrapping a blanket over it at night time, still no luck :p) When I try to start it the engine will turn and occasional sound like it's about to fire, but then resume just turning. If...
  6. E

    No ignition in position 2

    Hello all. My 1998 S210 (W210 estate) v6 3.2 litre petrol E320 has a problem besides guzzling fuel of course! I recently stopped to consult a satnav, put the car in park and turned off the engine. After some 2 or 3 minutes I tried to restart the car. Basically it wouldn't start. Whatever I...
  7. I

    Starting problems w203 c180

    Hi there. I posted on this issue before but it seemed to resolve itself so stupidly forgot about it. But now it is back with a vengeance. When I try to start my car (especially in the mornings or after a few hours of inactivity) I am not getting the "sound" when I put the fob in the...
  8. M

    CLK 207 cdi. How can I reset the immobilizer?

    Hi everyone!!! Few days ago I spent all the day out, driving around London and my car was working perfectly. When I return home, I parked it and after 1h I came back to my car. I used the key as normal to open it, then I turn on the lights. But, when I tried to start the engine... the car...
  9. C

    C200 1997 starting issue

    Hi all from NZ :-) Have a c200 97 4 cylinder - bit of an odd fault - wondered if anyone had any idea's ? Battery was flat so charged up and ran fine for 50 km stopped for 5 hours went to start and it caught but died like no fuel went to start again and nothing rested it for a while and it...
  10. V

    Vito van won't start when warm

    Hi guys, I recently decided to sell my van, and I think it might have heard me because it's since started developing a couple of small problems that I really would like to have fixed before she goes! I have an S reg diesel Mercedes Vito van. It starts perfectly fine from cold, glow plugs warm...
  11. C

    My E300TD W210 struggles to start when parked facing uphill

    I have a problem with my E300TD, it is absolutely fine when parked facing downhill or even on the flat but if I leave it parked uphill for any period of time when I go to start the car, it just does not want to start, the car turns over and when I push it to face downhill it will eventually...
  12. C

    Merc Vito 108 CDI starting problems

    I ve rebuilt engine, set and adjusted valve timing according to mark on pulley on front of the engine. Now in position to start the engine, but engine when i put in key some times tries to turn over and some times nothing. Have good battery, good earth and power to starter motor. Give power...
  13. J

    W202 ECU Light on starting

    I have a 1998 W202 2.2D non-turbo estate auto with 185,000 miles. On starting normally on the glow plugs, the ecu light remains on and after a few moments the engine becomes lumpy and the transmission is in limp mode. However, if you start it on the glow plugs normally, let it run for few...

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