steering rack

  1. Aedmer

    W204 c220 cdi - front left leak

    Hi all, would really appreciate any help on this. Had a pretty large pool of what looks like oil show up under front left, behind wheel. Looks to be from axle. Got steam cleaned and raised at a garage and they were adamant - no oil leak. FF a month, same story again. Oil level is still fine...
  2. S

    Ml 350 steering rack replacement

    guys my ml is leaking profusely power steering fluid from the o/side gaitor, boot ! Is the removal as complicated as you tube would suggest? With removing the torsion bars and diff!!!!! The vids are mostly lhd but they do say the rhd is easier, but fail to mention how! I assume , remove both...
  3. Steven bennie

    2011 C63 Steering rack pinion play adjustment

    Hi, can anyone help me out with some information on adjusting pinion play on these steering racks? I have only just found the fault and wondering if possible to adjust without removing rack. Cheers
  4. R

    Mercedes W245 B200 Turbo Power Steering Issues

    Hi Gents, 1st things 1st, a very Happy New Year to you all!! Im having an intermittent issue with the B200. Sometimes when idle the power steering seems to make a very strange grinding rattling noise. Sometimes you can see the steering wheel on its own slightly. Now as its intermittent i took...
  5. Irresistance

    W220 320 CDI - Steering Sound (Rack?)

    Hello again. I have posted about a wheezing sound I experience when using the steering wheel at low speeds before. Today I had a more detailed look at the source of the sound, and as it stands, it appears the sound is coming from the steering rack. I have WD40-ed the rubber boot under the...
  6. A

    High PS fluid Leakage

    Hi, I have w210 1997 E230, the PS rack leaks in a horrible way (i add 1 L per 5 days), someone tell me to change the rack, but when the fluid level is ok, the rack works great. my question is, i can't change the rack now, so if i change the seals, it does solve the problem periodically. in...
  7. A

    W211 Power Steering

    Hi All, Can I fit a Steering Rack which has a speed sensitive transducer on it to a car without that function, i.e. just leave it disconnected? Will it still work? Thanks for any replies W211 E270 CDI 2002 (52 plate)
  8. T

    Knocking on steering after M'way driving

    Hello guys My W202 C250td Estate has no noise with the steering on regular town driving but take her out on the motorway and she develops a terrible knock at you feet when you turn the wheel (left or right). Can be felt under both right and left footwells. Any ideas? Mechanic at a loss as he...
  9. A

    E320 CDI 2000 'W' Reg - Steering Rack

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum, having bought my 1st Mercedes at the age of 31:D Anyway I have bought a E320 CDI Avantgarde with 84k - I must say having Audi & BMW before I am well impressed with the Merc:D I have only had it 5 days and I have noticed that when I start the car up 1st thing...
  10. C

    New C Class (W203) Steering Rack

    Hi everyone, about two weeks ago My car started making a whirring sound when I turn the wheel at low speeds. A quick search on forums such as this one suggested that the power steering fluid may be low and that this was a common problem for a car of my mileage (~60K). I checked the fluid and...

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