1. M

    Mercedes clc203 supercharger

    Hi, ive got a 2010 manual Mercedes Clc 1.8l kompressor The supercharger doesnt seem to be working. Hoping someone can help. Ive gone through all the obvious fixes including vacuum tested numerous times have replaced the Maf Sensor 02 sensor and has also been into Mercedes but still know...
  2. M

    Acceleration issue trying to diag

    Hi I have a 2010 CLC180 kompressor manual Petrol. Trying to figure out why there is no boost from supercharger when the engine warms up. From cold start it runs fine and supercharger works until the engine warms up. Once warm boost from supercharger stops and it’s very sluggish,heavy, no...
  3. J

    Possible Rare W203 Build

    So I was looking on Autotrader and I found this W203 C-Class Avantgarde in Orion Blue of which from what I have seen is very rare. I'm just wondering if it is possible to upgrade the supercharger that is in that engine to try and get out 200 BHP out of the motor?
  4. Eaton_Fed

    The supercharger on my CLK 200 KOMPRESSOR W208 stops working and the car loses power

    While I'm driving the supercharger just stops working and the car loses power and after a couple hundred feet it starts working again and the power is back, it does the same thing over and over again. The car is a 1999 CLK 200 KOMPRESSOR W208 Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. G

    CLS55 AMG 2006 - Supercharger Slipping?

    Hello all, Off the back of my recent posts about the s/c in the CLS55 squealing pretty badlyi wondered if anyone had ever seen these superchargers slip? Definitely feeling a bit like Turbo lag! I can put it in manual, stick it in 2nd gear (happens in any) then I can put my foot down and...
  6. GAD Tuning LTD

    GAD Tuning / Weistec updates

    Hey guys, It has been far too long since we have posted! We have been so busy with growing and developing the business its hard to keep up with the social side of things. So we will keep it up again and post the hundreds of Mercedes we have tuned over the last few months lol Here is a...
  7. T

    Supercharger not working after warm start SLK230

    Hi, Mercedes SLK230 Kompressor (Spanish LHD) 150,000km from 2000. I believe it is the facelifted version: body coloured handles and indicators in the wing mirrors. When I drive it to work in the morning it drives like a dream. When I drive home from work at the end of it the day, it also...
  8. D

    SLK 230k Supercharger bearing / whine

    Hi all, i've got a 2002 230k with 25k on the clock. Just recently the supercharger has started whining, a friend of mine used to work for merc and has opened the charger up and said that the bearing is going and has caused slight wear to the blades. ( obviously this is second hand info but...
  9. C

    CL55 Supercharger Cutting out

    Is it normal for the supercharger on a 2003 CL55 to cut out when driven hard for more than 5 mins? Maybe its a sensor cutting the supercharger out, car still drives however feels like a 1.4 ford focus not a 500bhp Mercedes!! After then being driven sensibly for 10 mins or so it seems back...
  10. M

    Supercharger Control

    Hello All, I have a supercharger from a late 2008 C Class 204 which I want to fit to a Triumph TR6 engine It seems to have a recirc valve controlled by the ECU Can anyone tell me what type of signal I need to controll it eg 0-5v ? I will be using a fully programmable ECU called MegaSquirt...

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