1. V

    OM603 swap on a W123

    Hi, I've been driving a W123 200d with OM615 and a 4 speed manual gearbox for 5 years now. Its burning a bit of oil and I think I'll have to rebuild it in the future. So, I'm playing with the idea of changing to a more powerful engine. Many do the 617 swap but I was thinking a step furthur...
  2. Smaltze

    Swapping parts between Vito w638 and E320 w210 cdi

    Hi I have recently bought a vito 112 cdi 2002. I am also breaking my beloved E320 2001. The van is great, but the interior is pretty tragic. Sofar I have taken the e320 passenger seat and mounted it as the van drivers seat which has worked great. Id love to do more swaps as the e320 interior...
  3. ThPadd

    W203 C220 Auto Box issue, easy change

    Okay guys I have been hunting online for the answer to this, but not found the answers, so any relevant experience appreciated. I have had my 06 C220 for a couple of years now and after sorting out various issues (track rod arm, front discs, tyres, unlocking), I now have just 2 niggles that...
  4. C

    1978 207d engine swap to om617.951

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum... primarily for help on a project I have coming up. :) I work for a company that owns a 207d as a marketing rig, and the stock motor just blew... in the desert... 450mi. away. So, rumor has it that we can put a OM617 in there with minimal work from a 80-85...
  5. nicensleazy

    Advice Re: Speedo and Heater Dial Swap

    I am wanting to change the instrument cluster and heater controls on my W208 from the original black to white dials. I’ve obtained a reasonably priced instrument cluster from a 230 sport and I’m still looking to find a white dialled heater control. A couple of questions about both changes...
  6. B

    Swap Azure Blue CLK 240 for ???

    Dear All, I have a CLK 240 Avant, 2002, in Azure blue. I purchased the car in Jan 2011 and have had a great time driving it. Current mileage is 81000. I am looking to swap the CLK for a different colour. The car is in excellent condition and has been well looked after. Feel free to contact...
  7. C

    280se to 500sec engine swap - HELP

    Hello all, as mine 500 SEC (1987) engine died .. I wonder can I swap it with 280SE engine that I have spare one in donor car (do I need to swap also auto transmission and differential from same donor car ??). 280SE donor car is 1984. any help is appreciated TX!!

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