1. Kallanberg

    Rear Window

    Noticed the rear window seems to be getting stuck when going back up. Is this the sign of a serious fault I wonder. What if the window switch no longer works. The rear right window only appears to struggle going up not down. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. G

    Brake light wont go off. Switch replaced

    I posted about this previously. My brake light will sometimes stay on without the pedal being pressed. I've replaced the switch and the problem still persists. It's so odd. Sometimes it's fine, but then sometimes I'll turn on the engine and the brake light will be on. It will either go off when...
  3. G

    Brake lights won't turn off?

    I have a 2012 Mercedes C Class Coupe, and the brake lights won't turn off. I had this problem about 2 months ago, but it was fixed by replacing the brake switch. Now, the brake lights have been temporarily staying on again. By temporarily I mean they'll be fine, then I'll turn on my car and...
  4. Smaltze

    Switching w210 back to prefacelift body

    You're going to think I'm silly, but my body panels on my facelift w210 estate are trashed, theres not a single healthy panel. I actually love the pre facelift look when combined with my big dished wheels and lowered. I have a guy breaking a pre facelift who is offering all the parts i need for...
  5. A

    W210 abs bas esp warning lights

    Hi folks - I know this topic is a perennial bug... please bear with me. 2002 E2320CDI estate (if it matters) started a few months ago bringing on the abs, bas and esp warning along with the bulb fail warning. Fixed by bending the fuse tabs to make better contact. Hurrah. Then it comes back...
  6. N


    My powerfold mirror button which folds the mirrors out is broken on my 2008 CLC. (used to have to press very hard and jolt to work but now does not work at all). Can this be fixed or is a new unit required? I have seen the exact same unit on ebay from a MERCEDES C CLASS 2004-2007?
  7. M

    ML320 Brake light switch

    Vehicle details: 2002 ML320 Can anyone advise me on the following warning lights? Occasionally while driving the vehicle the BAS/ESP/ETS and ABS warning lights come on with an audible warning, there are no other symptoms. I can reset this by stopping, placing into park and restarting. I...
  8. J

    [Spares] W204 (silver) antiglare and autofold full kit

    :lol:I have driver and passenger autofold and antiglare mirrors in silver complete with door control units and drivers door switch panel for sale. All in excellent condition. From a 2010 C250cgi sport. Offers around £350 (includes delivery to uk mainland) Please note that depending on...
  9. C

    Removing a W203 Mirror and Light Switch Console

    Make: Mercedes Model: C220 CDi Body Type: W203 Transmission: Automatic Part Number: Unknown The mirror, headlamp, fog lamp and headlamp level control switches are on the right of the dash board. This image shows the two independent modules this console is made up of. 1. Pull off the fuse box...
  10. C

    Continuously Flashing Hazard Light Switch

    Make: Mercedes Model: C220 CDI Transmission: Auto Fuel: Diesel Body type: W203 Year: 2001 Hey Guys. One by one i am working through various issues with my car. I previously had an issue with an ESP warning on the dash computer. I originally thought the Flashing Hazard switch was related to...
  11. S

    Fuel pump relay questions - W202

    Hi there I've got a 1994 C220 automatic (W202) and have a few questions about a relay (p/n 0015429619), which I assume from Google searches is the fuel pump relay. If you follow Dec's post (http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/showthread.php?t=62702) about the solder repair of the N10 relay...
  12. J

    Intermittent starting fault C230K 1999 Vin:WDB2020242F910191

    MB Member Television computer is down but thinks: This leaves a couple of things, some have the K38 starter lock out relay( where is this located on car?) and these are known to have poor connections on the spade push on connectors or is it the main starting one (where is this located on car?) ...
  13. A

    1998 e280 starter/ignition problem

    Hi all , recently purchased an 1998 e280 elegance, have started having problems with the keyfobs not starting the car. After reading forums I have replaced the batteries in the key fobs , both of them , I have one fob that will unlock the car boot etc, and one that will start the car but...
  14. olivier_wery

    [Wanted] R129 electric seat headrest switch

    Hi all, Continuing the refurbishing of my 96 SL280. I am looking for the small left door electric headrest switch (Litteraly the small plastic cap that clips over the switch itself). These units normally come all together with all 3 switches and cost a lot. Wondering if someone would...
  15. M

    Question: what is switch in 2001 eclass cigarette compartment

    Hi, Ive just bought a 2001 eclass estate. Inside the cigarette lighter / ashtray opening panel there is a switch with a 3 wiggly arrows pointing upwards. It looks like some kind of heater switch (with a simple on/off setting). I cant find it in the manual, can anyone advise what it is...
  16. C

    W210 Windows, Mirror adjustment and Boot Opener Not Working

    Hi, this is my first post. I have a E300TD '99 Reg W210 Saloon with a few problems. The windows do not work via the internal switches, however they go down and up using the key. Also, the Mirror adjustment toggle switch is not working and the internal boot lid opener is not working. The boot can...

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