1. D

    reconnecting boot

    Hi all First-timer here. Basically, my boot had stopped opening fully, but closed fine, (on an automatic open/closing system) so to diagnose the problem I wanted to know if the struts had failed. So logically I thought I could disconnect the automatic arm to the boot (simple clip-on) and see if...
  2. Steve Mack

    W447 Vito 3rd brake light removal

    All, I am trying to replace the high level tailgate brake light on my Mercedes Vito (2017 - W447) but cannot find any inf. on-line re. removal of housing assy. I think it may pop out if I gently prise it away from body but don’t wish to damage it should it be held secure by a bolt. Has anyone...
  3. O

    S211.222; Automatic tailgate not opening

    The automatic tailgate does not open. It starts to open, but then stops just after a few centimetres, as if the motor is not strong enough to open it completely. Any suggestions what might be the problem? Video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LKcnq327TCk5enu2GOQ_RCr1E5qBJqeU
  4. G

    GLC boot forced and auto close issue

    Hi to all the technical wizards out there. I've just encountered a strange issue with my GLC's boot opening and closing. The boot will open and then immediately close. I've tried opening it via the door, boot lid and key and in all instances, the boot will immediately close after two beeps...
  5. frontstar

    E220 Estate tailgate wobbles at close

    On my W212 2014 E220 Estate the electric tailgate wobbles when it closes. Opening is no problem, the movement is smooth and fine. But when it close the movement varies between faster and slower. Is it a problem with the motor(s) or the hydralic gas springs (struts)?
  6. M

    ML350 Auto tailgate won't open or close

    Hi all Newbie here. I just took delivery of my 2010 ML350 very pleased with it but it did come with a problem which i was aware of. The power boot opener does not work. I have done a little bit of poking around and found the pump this runs when the button is pressed and it has hydraulic...
  7. idlerider

    Rear window woes

    I suspect that many owners of a W211T will have a tailgate window, the wiper spindle surround of which looks like this - quite possibly a common problem. My question to our experts is this: is this metal plate available as a separate part, or is it an intrinsic part of the window glass?
  8. A

    E350 Estate Tailgate not fully closing

    Hello I have recently acquired a 2010 E350 estate, which so far has been brilliant. However I have a problem with the auto closing tailgate/boot lid. It closes down, makes the correct locking sounds and then a short electric motor type unlocking sound. It seems to be safely closed but the...
  9. A

    Boot, Tailgate Locked...Please help, WD40?

    Hi The lock on my boot wont open and has been sticky for sometime. I read on a thread about oiling, using WD40. Does anyone know exactly where I can spray the locks and where NOT to spray :-). There is no 'key lock' on the boot itself and the only way to open the boot seems be to press on the...
  10. S

    W124 Estate Self close mechanism

    Hi all! I have been tinkering with the panzerwagen and I got the tailgate self closing to work, but it wouldn't switch off the interior lights. So I adjusted the mechanism so it closed a bit tighter, but then couldn't get the damn tailgate to open at all! I had to buy a large philips...
  11. P

    2001 W210 E320 CDi Estate Tailgate Struts replacement

    I need to replace my tailgate struts; I can find no instructions in my manual or on the Web. Can anyone help me with instructions? Best place to buy struts?
  12. Z

    W211 Tail Gate Soft Close

    Hi, This is my first post, so I apologise if anything goes wrong :Oops: (or if I go into too much detail) 4 weeks ago I purchased my 2004 E Class 270 CDI, which is a dream to drive, and pretty much since I've had it, I've had the same recurring problem...every now and again (typically in...
  13. M

    W124 Tailgate closer erratic behaviour

    The tailgate soft-close mechanism on my 1995 W124 estate has started behaving strangely. The mechanism sometimes starts the closing cycle for no reason when the tailgate is already shut. Sometimes it does it just once, sometimes it carries on for a few minutes or until I pull fuse C. The car...

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