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  1. J

    E320cdi sport w211 brabus

    Hi I’m wondering if anyone can help me in the way of a brabus tuning box for a w211 e320cdi sport and if it’s worth getting I just want a decent bit of power to have some fun, I’m from Southampton but can travel
  2. P

    Fuel sesnor Clip Removal for tuning box

    I'm trying to fit my new tuning box to my car. I can't remove the fuel sensor clip. I've flicked the grey clip so it's out and tried pulling it out with pliers. I can move it from side to side, but can't remove it. Any help to remove this with be much appreciated
  3. Acid@MSL

    Tuning Boxes

    Hey Guys Did you know we know offer tuning boxes for a large variety of vehicles. This is advantageous to those who want a bit more performance from there vehicles without compromising the manufacturers warranty. A lot of tuning boxes available are easy diy install and offer competitive...
  4. TDI-Tuning

    Mercedes ML 300 CDI

    Here's a link to a Mercedes ML 300 CDI which belongs to an international cricketer who visited us this week with his Mercedes and an Audi A5. We installed a Twin Channel CRTD2 tuning box which achieved great results increasing power up from 201Bhp to 253Bhp and increasing torque from 500-595Nm...
  5. TDI-Tuning

    2014 Mercedes AMG E350 CDI BlueTec

    Here’s a 2014 Mercedes AMG E350 CDI BlueTec which we installed with our flagship CRTD2® TWIN Channel tuning system this week. I am sure you will agree this is a stunning example! Our CRTD2® TWIN Channel tuning system is priced at £315 for Mercedes Club members (usually priced at...
  6. TDI-Tuning

    Tuning Box R&D - TDI Tuning

    As part of our continued development program, TDI Tuning regularly undertakes testing sessions at a number of non-affiliated dyno centres in order to constantly improve and measure the outputs produced by our tuning boxes. We thought you would be interested to see some of this occurring and...
  7. TDI-Tuning

    Tuning your Mercedes - TDI-Tuning

    We are very pleased to become one of the forum sponsors and look forward to offering advice and special offers to those users who are interested in tuning their Mercedes. We are a specialist tuning company and design, develop and manufacture tuning products and services. Our team of ‘car...
  8. coolhans

    E280 CDI remapping

    Hi all. I've been toying with the idea of having my E280 CDI Sport Estate remapped. I realise that there are several routes that you can go down but I am unsure as to what to do or if it is wise to do it at all. I was up at my main dealers yesterday for another reason and enquired about the...
  9. G

    June & July 20% Off Remapping and GCL products

    We are offering members 20% off through out June/July. GCL Tuning This includes all custom ECU remapping & development. This also includes the gcl brabus unit and the gcl ST3 switchable remapping. GCL Brabus spec Unit GCL ST3 - Switchable remapping unit...

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