1. B

    2017 Vito CDI 116 turbo leak

    Hi Everyone. Just had my Van serviced yesterday and I made a comment that there is a louder than normal hiss from the turbo when driven hard up hill etc. The dealer sent me a pic showing a oily looking connection to the turbo. I complained about this issue 12 months ago and they changed the high...
  2. A

    Losing turbo boost

    Hi All I have an ML420 W164 V8 Diesel (2008). I have in the past had a (very) occasional problem with losing turbo boost after the car has been idling for a while. If I restart the car, the problem immediately disappears. However, this happened again yesterday, but this time two or three...
  3. VasFlo

    CLS350 D Turbo oil feed pipe leak

    Hi guys again, today i noticed a smell of burn oil on my car, o opened the bonnet and i look carefully and i found where from is coming, is the small pipe wich i think is feed the turbo with oil, i put a photo to have an idea of what im talking
  4. M

    HELP!!! Vito 115 cdi egr fault

    Hi all. Merc Vito 115 had a brand new turbo fitted.since then it won’t go past 3000 revs. Super slow. When van is parked I need to throttle down and black smoke comes out the back for about 30 seconds and stuck on 3000rpm then all of a sudden the smoke goes and it’s full revs and I’m good to go...
  5. P

    E250 Coupe 2010 W207 no kickdown power

    Hi yesterday i noticed that the step-down power increase was not working & also used the paddle change option to drop a gear without the usual increase or turbo kick as i'm used to & expect. The car accelerates smoothly still & there are no warning lights on the dashboard. I tried the auto...
  6. A

    A250 Recirculating Valve

    Hi Just wondering what the below will actually do. I'd not expect much, but it'd be interesting to know: https://www.forgemotorsport.co.uk/Upgraded_Recirculating_Valve_for_the_Mercedes_M270M274_Engine--product--1396.html Thanks
  7. Acid@MSL

    Stunning GTR in for some MSL Magic via Turbo Upgrade

    This Stunning Mercedes GTR came down for a little MSL Magic Look out for the rev off between the GTR & Acid's Black series & E63s The vehicle arrived completely stock, so we applied the following Mods: Pure Turbos Weistec Blow Off Valves AEM Meth Kit Redstar Downpipes MSL Custom Map Once...
  8. K

    Sprinter lacking power

    Hi all. New to the group. I have just bought a sprinter 311cdi van 2005 106k miles. It is lacking in power over 3000revs when pulling away the power will markedly retard as I hit that rev. Going up hills at 60mph will slow down to 50 and be unable to increase speed even when dropping a gear...
  9. T

    W220 no boost after 5 min

    Hey, I have a 2002 s320 cdi, w220 automatic. The car starts fine, idles fine, revs high and everything seems in order, however, after driving a few minutes (1-5min) the car looses all boost pressure. I have icarsoft mb v2.0 where i can retrieve some data, such as maf sensor values, and inlet...
  10. flyboy737

    Flyboy 737's OM642 Oil Catch Can Installation

    ou will find numerous posts here and on other forums about the OM642 engine venting oil into the turbo intake. This was my motivation to do the job. This pictorial will cover the process from start to the completed fitment. So to keep you interested I'll show you the end result first...
  11. G

    Turbo gone but no smoke or limp mode

    I have a 2012 Mercedes C Class AMG Coupe. It has 70000 miles on it. It’s petrol and the transmission is manual. The engine has been remapped. I was driving home and I did get my car to quite a high rpm in second gear to accelerate and suddenly I hear a hiss noise (like a balloon coming off a...
  12. Nathan Guymer

    E350cdi turbo sound

    Evening ladies and gents... All E350cdi owners. Can anyone else hear there turbo spool a little inside the car when under load? Mines always done it even with new turbo recently fitted. Just asking out of interest.
  13. V

    Methanol for S600 biturbo?

    Hi all I wondered if anyone has fitted methanol to their turbo Mercedes? I have the W220 S600 bi turbo and thought meth could make a decent improvement on the running/power? Maybe help to cool the chargecoolers better!?
  14. A

    Oil pouring from exhaust

    Hi, I have a 2003 w211 e320cdi, I've just got my car back from the garage, I had the turbo reconditioned and there is now oil dripping out of the exhaust, is this a result of the turbo going before the recon and this just needs to clear, or is it a case of the turbo not being put back in right...
  15. Granit

    Please Help!! ML 270 CDI Turbo or Cat problem

    Hi there, My first post and I really hope someone can help me on this problem. Right, Yesterday which was Sunday, I thought I would take off the Turbo intake pipe and clean it. So I started by opening up the air filter box taking the air filter out, note that the air filer had sort of...
  16. A

    A220 Boost pressure sensor location.

    Hi, just joined the forum. I have a fault on my car, the boost pressure sensor needs to be changed. Can someone tell me where this is located. Thanks alot for you help.
  17. R

    W203 c220 cdi screech HELP!!!

    Hi i have a w203 c220 cdi. When first started theres a horrible screech when revved stationary or moving hot or cold but it does go after a few min but if you slow right down or stand still for a bit it comes back. Firstly thought it was turbo so i have had that refurbed but still no joy. Any...
  18. X

    Code P2616, bucking and loss of power

    Hi Week ago in my car fuel pipe under bonnet has been broken and fuel lade out over all engine so I replaced this pipe in MB service and cleaned whole engine. A few days ago (little later after fuel problems) I've repaired turbo actuator in my MB because car wasn't riding as well - had low power...
  19. R

    Mercedes W245 B200 Turbo Power Steering Issues

    Hi Gents, 1st things 1st, a very Happy New Year to you all!! Im having an intermittent issue with the B200. Sometimes when idle the power steering seems to make a very strange grinding rattling noise. Sometimes you can see the steering wheel on its own slightly. Now as its intermittent i took...
  20. Mr Filipov

    CLS320 CDI turbo not spooling

    I am having a big problem with my car at the moment. Yes yet another one. It is starting to drive me to the point of getting rid but besides the point. In the last 3 days I have started to lose the turbo all together. I will for example to a stop at a set of traffic lights and when I go to...

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