1. S

    All season tyres needed with 4 wheel drive?

    Hi all, I bought a GLE Coupe a few months ago (first time with a mercedes) and I'll be needing to change the tyres in the next few months. From what I can see, I think I'm fairly limited to All season tyres due to the sizes (275/45r21 front and 315/40r21 rear) but question is, with the 4 wheel...
  2. Ali Ayman

    EcoContact6 or ContiSportContact5?

    Hi guys, I have a 2018 C200 coupe which currently has two Jinyu front tyres, one EcoContact6 left rear, and ContiSportContact6 right rear. This is how it was when I collected it from the dealership. The rear tyres are wearing out and will need changing in the next 1000 miles and I was...
  3. motocod

    W211 tyres - what do you use?

    Hi folks, I have a very beloved and trusty 2005 W211 E270, now with around 160k on the clock, having added around 100k myself over the last five and bit years. It's a brilliant car, and has been mercifully inexpensive to run and pretty trouble-free. The only possible niggle is it seems to get...
  4. R

    Tyres for W211 E320 CDI 225/55 R16 95 W

    For sure this question has been asked many times but I would like to ask it again due to the fact that technique is developing very quickly. Anyone knows a good and reliable tyres for W211 E320 CDI ? Uptill now I am using MICHELIN Primacy HP 225/55 R16 95 W. These tyres are doing very good but...
  5. J

    Handbrake issue please help

    Hi, i have a clk 2001 230 komressor, auto. I had a flat tyre, changed with the spare, the car now does not move and the handbrake light keeps coming on (It was moving fine with the flat tyre). I then changed it back to the flat tyre but it still does not move / handbrake light is on. I assume a...
  6. L

    Continental Sport Contact 2

    Following on from a previous post about tyre recommendations, I've been let down by the local garage in that they ordered the wrong tyres and can't get the ones I want until next week. (Apparently nobody can get hold of F! Asymmetic3 in the size I want, including on Black Circles, etc). I...
  7. C

    TPMS fault

    So ladies and gents, at 8090 miles I have a TPMS fault. My trusty i980 tells me "faulty connection to sensor #3". Question, is this an expensive fix, and is it covered under warranty? Car was delivered in late February.
  8. imkaz

    £40 wheel alignment a good idea?

    My car ever since I got it, 2 years now, has pulled quite a bit to the left. Changing tyres improved it a bit but it still likes going left. Will the £40 alignment that I see dotted about in places be what I need? I have always thought I wheel alignment was quite expensive.
  9. M

    Inside tyre wear + what tyres for W211 220 CDi (16" Rim)

    Hi all, Having suffering from vibration on the rear of my W211 I took it down to my local tyre place today and he has stated that one of the rears are out of shape and the other 3 are worn badly on the inside so he says all 4 need replacing. Is this normal behaviour on a W211? My guy says...
  10. U

    W211 Suspension Collapse - AGAIN!

    Can you believe this has happened again? http://forums.mercedesclub.org.uk/showthread.php?t=75695 Yes. Again. The wife and I sleeping in bed, with me dreaming of happy motoring, trying not to think of an early morning flight for work, when there was an almightly noise what sounded like a...
  11. zedmeister

    CLK320 W208 rear tyre wear - Continental

    Hi there, I have the stock 16" alloys on my 2002 CLK 320 Elegance. On the left rear a Continental Sport Contact 2 205 55 R16 91W MO fitment. The right was also fitted at the same time quite a few thousand miles ago. The right then needed changing due to an unrepairable puncture when they were...

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