1. S

    My remote can't function-please help

    Hey guys, my W211 remote keys works just fine when start engin, lock and unlock all doors. But when parking for an hour or more, the remote keys cannot open or lock doors. Remote red light still blinks, key fob batteries are good, but no respond from the doors. Need to take out small key to...
  2. M

    Mercedes 2004 c180 Kompressor Saloon Remote issue

    I have a problem with my remote: it doesn't lock or unlock the car eventhough it locks or unlocks once pointed to the IR on the door handle. I have just bought the car recently from a trader and they weren't honest about about car. They told me that just the battery in the remote needs changing...
  3. Eric Price

    W203 Randomly Unlocking and Locking Doors

    Hello, This is my first post in the forums although I have been lurking for several weeks. I have a problem on my '06 W203 C-Class (180K saloon) regarding some weird locking issues and I hope that somebody else has had a similar problem to mine and been able to solve it. When I first...
  4. J

    a right code for unluck the radio (AL2910Y0464761)

    I just purchassed a E220 (2000) in Belguim to Yaounde in Cameroon in Africa. The radio requests a code. Here is a serial number of the radion: AL2910Y0464761 Could you please help in getting a right code for unluck this radio. Thank you in advance. Janvier
  5. G

    C Class Boot Won't Open

    Hi Guys I've been looking around the posts to a solution to my problem but haven't had any luck so here goes::?: I have a 54 plate C220, which I can't get into the boot. It happened about a week ago but it popped open when I was pushing down on it. It's happened again today but it won't open...

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