1. L

    Clicking noise. Seems very random

    Hi all, First post so please be gentle :) Bit of brief background, I owned a w204, used, 6m old, 4k, coming up to 4 years ago. Had to sell due to change of circumstance. Been in love with Merc ever since. Fast forward to mid to late 2018, suspected epilepsy, obv couldn't drive. Last month...
  2. F

    Brand newbie here!

    Hi members. Just an introduction of me to you all. I now own a Mercedes (first one) and I am now 61. Bought it recently even though it has a problem. The vehicle has only covered a mere 378,000 miles, and being an ex ambulance which was converted around ten years ago into a motorhome. I thought...
  3. bertg

    Run Flat Sensor

    Could someone briefly explain how the runflat indicator on my 2013 W246 works please? Cheers Umberto
  4. J

    W124 '95 E280 4 Spd Auto Est / Suspension Hydraulics

    Mornin' all, Not posted for a while, because I have been enjoying several 1,000s miles of trouble-free, if high fuel consumption, motoring (well allowing for indicators packing up (fuse) and mystery flashing recirculation button, on Diavia A/C system). :cool: Now, though, I appear to be...
  5. colifecape

    Cam adjusters.

    A quick question, Thers is a lot of mentions around forums of worn cam adjusters causing chain slip on M271`s. ( although to be fair it is the crap chain ) I`ve got the top half of my engine stripped at present, what should I look for regarding the cams? I`ve not stripped the cam sprockets...
  6. N

    W220 Rear Suspension Issue One Side

    Hi, I have just purchased my first MB, a lovely 2003 34000mile S500, however I have a problem. The passenger side rear suspension is sitting a lot lower than the other side. When I tried the airmatic lift, this temporarily corrected it to the correct height. Howver after a few hours that side of...

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