1. G

    [Spares] Recaro CSE Seats (Pair) For W116/126, W128

    Recaro CSE Front Seats Originally used by late father in his W123 and possibly W116/126 They are fulling working pneumatically and mechanically. On base to suit but don't have fore back sliders adjusters. I think it they go on factory ones. Drivers seat has position memory. In excellent...
  2. J

    [Wanted] W126 Series 2 Bumper Chrome

    Hi All, I’m looking for front and rear bumper chrome for a 1988 w126 300SE. Preferably posted within the UK... thanks James
  3. F

    W126 420SE 4.2 V8 (M116.965) High Idle Troubleshooting

    Hi, new member here but been a Mercedes 190e 2.0 manual owner for a while now...it was my parent's car back in the 90s and I've now adopted it! I recently purchased a W126 1988 420SE with the M116.965 4.2 V8 (Gen II - I believe so this may not apply to earlier V8s) to complement my 190e but...
  4. G


    I have managed to fry the gearbox on my 1982 500SEL. I have managed to source a 1989 box from a 560SEL, but having got the old box out, I see that there are a couple of differences on the connections and I want to make sure that I can proceed to make the change without any problem. The attached...
  5. B

    Struggling to find Z rated tyres for 560SEC

    Can anyone help please as i am struggling to find tyres for my 560SEC at the size of 215 65 R15 that are z rated. Should i be looking at a slightly different size to be able to open up the choice.....well, i say choice but currently i cannot find any. Where can i find some please? Thank you.
  6. C

    Vehicle Mercedes 420se 1986

    W126 has had £1000 spent on it recently but unfortunately engine has developed a noise mot has run out but it has new brakes all round, four new tyres, and two new front wings Reg BNZ 5755
  7. C

    W126 engine swap question

    Soo, hello everyone, i'm new here, and wanted to ask a question, since i recently bought a Mercedes Benz SE380 and wanted to make a engine swap for it from 3.8 V8 to 5.0 V8 (m117), that way getting more power. But i'm not sure if it is worth it, considering fuel consumption, reliability and how...
  8. B

    560 sec changed on kickdown but no power

    Hi, Hopefully someone can assist: My 560sec is lacking power. Now, it has stood for 7 years and i am only 300 miles in to blowing the cobwebs out of it and this includes using fuel additive to clean the injectors but she is v sluggish and on kickdown, she changes gear but then just hangs there...
  9. B

    W126 Accelerator pedal play

    Hello, I have the common problem of excessive Accelerator pedal play on my W126. I found an American web chat with a part number for the two round balls or bushes but my local Mercedes garage tells me that the part number is for left-hand drive vehicles only and the blown up diagram he has...
  10. B

    w126 560sec air pump

    Hi all, My alternator belt snapped and whilst in that area checking the belts diagram i have, I've noticed that my car does not have the air pump. Is this usual?? Thanks, Benedict
  11. B

    Hissing sound on right side of dash w126

    Hi all, My recently recommissioned w126 560SEC, which had been off the road for 7 years has, after 200 miles, got a strange hissing sound coming from the right hand side area near the dash speaker when i am cruising along that disappears reduces greatly under acceleration. I have searched...
  12. B

    Plastic arm of seat belt presenter

    I have a w126 and the plastic arm of the seat belt presenter is broken. Do I have to buy the whole unit or can the plastic arm be bought seperately? Thanks very much.
  13. W

    Newbie & Mudflaps for a W126?

    Afternoon all I've just signed up to the forum having recently purchased my 1990 W126 300se. She's got full MB history and only on 68,000 so plenty of life in the old girl yet. I'll get a picture up soon for you but I'm thrilled to be the owner of a piece of quality machinery. I do have...
  14. syncropaddy

    [Spares] W126 Rear Bumper chromes

    For sale. Series 1 rear bumper chromes in perfect condition. PM for pics and price
  15. Z

    W123/W126 rear suspension arm...

    Hello all, My W123 230ce isn't great right now, 29 years of having the wheels taken off and on, have taken it's toll, and the wheel bolt threads on the rear L/H hub are knackered. I spent a day drilling out 3 bolts, and removing what was left of the bolts, though after re-tapping the...
  16. S

    [Spares] w126 bumper chrome fasteners

    All, here are some w126 bumper chrome fasteners from a 1989 420 SEC. They might be useful if some of yours snapped or rusted up. There are 17 with the m8 shank, 8 with the smaller shank, in total about 25 of the captive nuts as in the pic and they'll be good to use again. I'm replacing mine with...
  17. S

    Mercedes w126 Front Tires

    Is this is natural on w126 that front tires are getting worn on the outsides because when the wheels are turning, bends down? Or is this is a problem with wheels geometry and alignment? Thank you
  18. S

    w126 Mercedes worn tyres

    Is this is natural on w126 that front tyres are getting worn on the outsides because when the wheels are turning, bends down? Or is this is a problem with wheels geometry and alignment? Thank you
  19. S

    Hand Break Stuck on RED

    Just had MOT done on my w126 300se (passed - no problems) but they probably pulled hand break really hard and now I can not unlock it! I am trying all the ways and light (BREAK) is on all the time, I can feel when I release it that breaks are no longer applied on wheels but light is on all the...
  20. S

    Duo Valve w126, 300se Mercedes

    Where is located Duo Valve in w126 300se 1988 ? Can not locate it, please help

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