1. M

    W202 c200 1998 Starts then cuts out

    Car starts each time, runs for approx 5 secs then stops. So petrol getting through. Have cleaned Throttle body and observed valve moving ok with ignition. Replaced accelerator position sensor and cleaned maf. Have had car idle for over a minute at times, but as soon as accelerator depressed...
  2. O

    Vehicle S202: 1998 C250TD estate

    Elegance trim, only 130K miles, MOT and SORNed. My daily for the last 2 years. Superb OM605 engine and smooth 722.6 autobox. A rare very sound example with very little of the usual rust (just front arches). Never welded, the underside, battery area etc. are all solid. Azurite blue with grey...
  3. J

    What oil W202 99' 70k Miles

    As title says, which oil should I use for my w202, 1999, c180 70k Miles.... Thanks in advance!
  4. A

    1998 C250TD not reaching operating temperature

    Hello all, my 1998 W202 C250TD benz at the moment (winter in the southern hemisphere) only reaches a "running temp" of around 62-65°C on the highway and when driven hard gets closer to about 70°C, but never reaching 80°C. The same is true even when it was warmer earlier this year only reaching...
  5. J

    26 and love my W202

    Hi, New to the forum. Living in Cornwall. I'm 26, have a 1999, W202, C180 nice example. Previously had a W208.
  6. P

    W202 C200sport 1999

    Hi Guys, I'm proud owner of w202, I also own an E30 cab motorsport. So I bought the w202 two weeks back, car was fine drove it for a week with no issue. As soon as I parked it for around 5 days it won't turn on. It cranks but not actually turning on, checked battery already. I believe I should...
  7. Cyber Sleep Walker

    W202 C180 (Elegance) Trim question pt2

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can tell me if the chrome running along the roof and down side of windscreen on the w202 can be removed ? and if so how ? Thanks in advance, CSW
  8. W

    Please help me someone i tried everything

    Hey guys hope your all well Ive got a C180 w202 1997 and im having a real big issue nd a very expensive one by the looks of it. Couple days ago out of nowhere my car decided it wont start anymore I have had the same problem around 2 years ago in my E230 W210 1996 and i had to scrap the car...
  9. D

    M111 2.0 engine tuning help

    Greetings, what is the best way to gain more power on M111.940 engine without going forced induction? Would 2.2 or 2.3 head fit on a 2.0 and would increasing the compression by putting thinner HG and porting the head give any gains?
  10. philharve

    W202 C-class trim/seal front wing replacing

    I have been looking around for quite some time for a replacement trim/seal/other description, for my 2000 Mercedes C230K but without success. I thought it would be a part that would be readily available and low cost but my experience has been very different. If I have to create the seal/trim/...
  11. J

    W202 C200 immobilzer & start fault

    Hello People, Need some help. :( i have a C200 w202 4 cyl petrol that wont start. There seems to be two issues. vehicle cranks but wont fire. 1.originally i had no prime or switching to the fuel pump with ignition and no spark on crank. i removed the ignition module to inspect the plug...
  12. N

    W202 c250D electric windows only work with doors or boot open.

    Hello, Hope someone can help? Windows and sunroof will only work when either doors or boot are open. I recently changed the comfort control module in the boot as I found it in a terrible state when changing the battery. Thought this would sort it but no luck. Car is a w202.125 c250d...
  13. T

    [Spares] Winter Mud / Snow TYRES and WHEELS (4 of) etc! W202, C200 etc

    Hi all. I've got Continental TS830 tyres with very good tread fitted to 4 C200 / W202 wheels. these were the Top Of Range recommended WINTER / SNOW / MUD tyres and were excellent for the one year I used them (October to end March). Balanced and ready to fit. i can send photos to anyone...
  14. silestanix

    List of bits to do... And a story...

    Evening all! So my W202 is back with me after a bit of a fall out with the boss of the bodyshop I used. He lied to me about my car being ready several times, was told today it'd be ready late afternoon but still wasn't ready... And he wasn't around. So the other gents peeled away from their...
  15. silestanix

    [Wanted] Wanted ASAP - W202 fitment steel wheels with legal tyres

    Hi all, as above I urgently need a set of Steel wheels with legal tyres, need them to drive literally 20 miles in total, so even if someone can lend me a set that would be great! If not I'll use them for that time and they'll be up for sale on here for what I got them for. I'm in Essex (Gants...
  16. C

    advise needed - battery light coming on for W202 1997 C200

    Hello Mercedes Brothers & Sisters!, I have a W202 Mercedes, 1997 C200 Classic / Elegance. It's covered 200,000 miles but overall is fairly trusty. Recently the car battery light has started coming on - intermittently. Definitely more likely to happen upon "cold" - first usage of the day...
  17. silestanix

    Big Thank You to Wayne Gates MB

    Went to Wayne Gates MB on Friday morning for a routine Gearbox fluid change (44k), Jamie did the work, emptying both Box and Torque Convertor, as usual superb work. So yes, big Thanks to Terry, Jamie & Ben, they've looked after my W202 C250TD Since I bought it and have done most if not all...
  18. G

    [Spares] For sale genuine w202 front and rear mudflaps mercedes logo and fixings

    Just having a clear out and found these Mercedes branded new mudflaps with fixings which I never managed to get around to using on my car. Unfortunately the car engine blew and I have since parted ways with it. I payed a fair bit extra for these from a dealer for the fact they are not cheap...
  19. G

    [Spares] W202 SEATS ANYONE?

  20. R

    202 Feels a bit wrong when cold

    Hi all Just bought a '98 202 C240 auto with apparently genuine 46k on the clock. It's very smooth and drives well except when starting away from cold. Where I live that involves going more or less straight up a hill, and I wouldn't expect the car to even try for 4th gear until I'm more or...

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