1. S

    Wanted- NTG1 Command head unit for 05 CL500

    As description, looking for a replacement DVD Command head unit for my 2005 W215 CL500 at a reasonable price. Mine is showing the dreaded "Flash file corrupted" message, so I think it's toast. Sometimes powers up eventually...sometimes not.
  2. M

    CL500 W215 2004 sidelights can't remove.

    Hi, probably an easy one and I'm being useless but how the hell do I remove and replace my side lights on my 2004 W214 CL500? Normally you can just pull or twist, but is there a way of doing it? Is there a clip I'm missing as it's a very tight fit behind the headlights. Thanks.
  3. C

    W215 drain box

    Well ladies and gents, the car would have had to pick NOW to leak into the passenger footwell. We’re sat in the car park at Folkestone Eurotunnel in a storm... Can someone tell me please how easy it is to get at the drain box to clear it out? I’ve no idea where it is.
  4. S

    W215 Drain hole location under bonnet- where?

    I have only had my CL for a month, and have been thinking on and off about checking this fabled drain hole for blockages as I don't fancy £££ worth of ECU destruction and a wet footwell thrown in. I have searched on here but haven't found the info, so I thought I'd ask about where this drainage...
  5. rapiscan

    CL500 Driver door broken cables

    Hi, my CL500 driver door suddenly lost ALL power, no window, mirrors, seat adjust etc... then few hrs later it went ok, then went again and has stayed dead! I suspected the door cables so slit open the sheathes of the 3 trunkings and found about 90% severed!! So I laboriously soldered a couple...
  6. C

    Reverse connected battery in my 2001 W215 CL500 :o( HELP!

    Dear All! My name is Christiaan and I live in The Netherlands, a mile from the John Frost bridge, known for the Battle for Arnhem... (WWII, Operation Market Garden, September 1944). Mine's a 2001 - W215 - CL500. During what must have been a mental blackout/shutdown I reverse connected a...
  7. C

    W220/ W215 COMAND 2.5 & other issues, & some solutions

    Well ladies & gents, after some time away from doing things to cars I have sat down and worked out a few solutions to my carious CL-based issues. The main ones are, in no order of importance: 1. Satnav does not work. 2. Phone calls via car kit can have significant noise at the other end. 3...
  8. E

    Mercedes CL55 AMG as a daily driver investment???

    Hi Guys! I'm new to the forum but have been reading threads for years now. I'm looking to buy a 2000-2003 reg CL55AMG to use as a daily driver but with the hope that I'll make some money off it! The budget is around £6,000 so looking at one with 60-80k miles on it. I've always been impressed...
  9. C

    W215 poor mobile service & quality

    Ok chaps, My 215 has a Visseeo MB3000 fitted into the armrest cradle. No problems pairing my iPhone with it.... The problems come when I try to make or receive calls. Network reception in the car is terrible, at best 3 bars and most usually 1 or 2. This is in areas where I'd normally...
  10. G

    Cl500 control arm punctured tyre

    Hi, Wondering if anyone could help me. I have a 2000 Cl500 W215. On friday i got a puncture in the near side front tyre. Went to change the tyre and it appears that a bolt from the suspension control arm has dug into the tyre and cut through the entire tyre as it has been rotating...
  11. S

    [Wanted] W215 Cl500 parts needed

    Hey guys I really need a driver's interior door handle a cup holder and some of the trunk components for the infotainment system but I don't know which one because they have been missing since I bought the car. I also need lots of other odds and ends so if you have anything for 2001 Cl500 cl55...
  12. S

    new to this forum Cl500 owner

    Hello, I have been coming to this and other Mercedes forums for about a year now ever since I bought my w215 Cl500 or c215 depending on who you ask. I have benefited so much from them it's now time for me to join in and help. I also am starting to bring the car back to tip top as I bought...
  13. S

    [Wanted] W215 CL parts needed

    hey everyone currently I desperately need an interior drivers door handle, a cup holder, the hinges for the cup holder lid and lots more. those are the directions needs though. if you have any spare parts let me know I may buy it even if I don't need it right now since I know I may need them later.
  14. S

    new to this forum Cl500 owner

    hey everyone I have been using this forum and others to guide me through Cl500 ownership since I bought the car a year ago. now that I have had some time to learn I want to give back to the community that has helped me and after a year of owning this car I have learned some parts are hard to...
  15. C

    W215 Cl500 side door opening adjustment

    Well, here's something unusual. Side note first- due to its "garage queen" status I've only had the family in the car a few times, most of its driving so far has been me solo. So- last weekend saw us in the car over to visit my folks. On opening the door for SWMBo, 'cos I'm polite like that...
  16. C

    W215 wheel bolt length

    Right. First of all I'm either careless, a tool or a careless tool. Back in Feb I bought a new set of wheels for my CL and along with them, a new set of wheel bolts. Actually two new sets, one was 5mm too long so they were returned and a new set bought. Fine, they work lovely and the wheels...
  17. C

    Bit of a whiffy smell when A/C is on

    Mods, not sure if this belongs in Interiors or Electrics so please move as necessary. So driving my 215 I've noticed that when the fan comes on, I get a bit of a musty pong. Almost exactly like something's got damp and gone rotten. Where should I be looking? Heater box? If so where is...
  18. C

    Axle stand location for 215 CL500

    Good afternoon all, could someone please tell me the best place to leave a 215 on axle stands, to allow me to remove a front wheel and take the weight off the strut? Pic would be even better as I'm a bit thick where it comes to descriptions ;)
  19. C

    W215 CL500 replacement windscreen

    Hi guys, I have discovered a crack in my front windscreen, down in the black print area below the dash front. I guess I will have to have this repaired through my insurance glass policy. My car has auto wipers fitted (standard I think for this model?) so can anyone please tell me: 1...
  20. B

    W215 battery drain, fuses located

    Hi, Have had an issue with my battery draining so went to Maplin and bought a car current tester, fuse ammeter. They sell one with article number N48CY for I think it was 13 pounds in case someone else needs one. By checking each and every fuse I have now located a few where there was a current...

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