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C220 Coupe - Fueling Problem. Suggestions welcome

Discussion in 'Engine, Drivetrain, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Stevieblueyez, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Stevieblueyez

    Stevieblueyez New Member

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    Apr 23, 2016
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    C-Class Coupe / 2003 / 2.2CDI
    Afternoon All.

    Hoping someone can give me a steer on this (no pun intended).

    After about a decade of wanting one, I finally got round to owning a C220 Coupe. It's a 2003 CDI (W203). Aside from an annoying rattle which I have since had fixed the car's twice let me down at the worst possible time and it's just done it again this morning same symptoms!

    I bought the car in December, all good. New MOT. Took it to have a 52 point service in Christchurch in January. Mid-late Feb when the first problem happened.

    - Got into car.
    - Turned key to ignition
    - Glow-plug light on the dash went off
    - Car started OK
    - a Few seconds later it stalled and stopped
    - refuses to start again

    RAC came out first time and managed to get it started again using Easy-Start. I then managed to get it to a local garage to looked it over. They said there was no sign of any issue, the car started for them first time every time. They checked the diags, no sign of fueling errors. They cleared the errors they could see (from the low wash bottle and rear brake light out), tested it out furhter no sign.

    Under a week later the I was driving on the motor way and one of the fuel lines came away from the engine (broken clip on the fuel hose). I then had this replaced and the car had been fine again since. I'd assumed the broken clip on the fuel line was letting air in and causing the engine not to turn over and drove off happy and confident the problem was done.

    Last Monday, the problem started again. Engine started for 2-3 seconds, stopped and wouldn't start. RAC guy came out tried for an hour to get it started said it needed to be recovered to a garage to get it looked at. Which I did. Typically the garage said "Sorry.. can't find a problem. Starting for us first time every time". I got it back Wednesday and has been driving fine since.

    This morning went out to start they car and same again. Started, then the engine stopped. Now it chugs but won't start. Called the RAC, they sprayed Easy Start in again and the car started; they then said "you'll need to take it to the garage again"

    This time the RAC guy was a little more obliging about what might be the case. Said it's likely to be one of the following:

    1. High Pressure Fuel Pump,
    2. Actuator
    3. Rail Pressure Sensor.

    Appreciate that was a lot to read, but if anyone has had a similar experience and can give me an idea if the RAC guy is right (as that will give me an idea how much it's going to set me back) so I can decide what to do next.

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  2. cataloyking

    cataloyking Senior Member

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    Jan 30, 2010
    n e scotland
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    glc amg 4matic
    starting problems

    I don't know if this will help or not I had the same problem with my c class the problem there was the ignition switch merc had my car for a few days as the wrong switch was sent for a start after that no problem hope you get it sorted out
  3. umblecumbuz

    umblecumbuz Senior Member

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    Sep 20, 2010
    Wales and Gozo
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    S204 and CLC 204 cdi, other non-Merc machines
    Random thought - do you park it facing uphill?

    The O-rings on the fuel lines are known to shrink, causing air to get into the mix. Symptoms are often worse when car is facing uphill.
    Cure, obviously, is to fit new O-rings - an easy job.

    I tracked this down on my 203cdi by putting grease around each joint.

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