1. O

    Engine cutting, voltage hitting 15v

    Hey there, hoping yku could help; Mercedes c180 2012 blue efficiency - auto Faults are; on take off after starting engine "parking release break" warnings appears, then "front left malfunction, consult workshop" "front right malfunction, consult workshop", engine will sometimes go into limp...
  2. J

    Engine diagnosis enigma

    As the title suggests, my Mercedes vito (55 plate) is causing no end of problems. I posted that the engine diagnostics light had been in and off over a period of 3 weeks. Monday this week, it can in while driving on an incline and accelerating. I took the van to be plugged in and read, and no...
  3. H

    W124 keeps turning off after a few seconds

    Hi all, Could I ask for some advice, Since today my w124 starts up but the engine stops running after a few seconds, I then start it again and same happens as a loop. any idea what the issue could be? Is it the OVP or fuel pump ready?
  4. M

    Need help with fuel related Codes

    Hello, i have w212 om651 2009 sedan, but sometimes when its cold the rpm fluctuates by 50/100 up in idle other than that it runs good acceleretes good with kickdown.But after i replaced the quantity control valve on hp fuel pump Engine light has come on dash after reving it to 2k rpm and power...
  5. Fawazmavoor

    Engine oil suggestion

    Hi, I am new to this site and I’m a first time Mercedes owner. Which engine oil should I use for my "C220 SE ED 125 CDI BLUEEF-CY" 2011 model. I have only zero knowledge about the cars, especially about mercedes. But I love it. So please help me by suggesting the authorised one. Thank you all
  6. D

    Please provide your help White Smoke from the exhaust W203 - no head gasket issue

    Hello dear members. I am extremely worried for the following issue. Light white smoke is coming out of my exhaust. I noticed it a couple of days ago. I have also checked cooling fluid, oil filler cap and spark plugs for signs of head gasket failure but seems NOT to be a head gasket (as can be...
  7. H

    W202 C180 Annoying Engine Roar - cold start

    Hello, i am getting a very annoying sound while performing a cold start. I have though about a bad belt or something like that but i am not sure. Maybe you can help me with my problem. The audio file is available on Google drive via this link ...
  8. F

    Help please! Coolant leak

    Hi folks! I've had a coolant message coming up in my 06 W221 320cdi. I have topped it up hoping it just needed a top-up, after 10 miles message was back again, took the car for a quick inspection and was told "oh man if it's taking coolant you need a new engine" type thing... took it to...
  9. M

    P0302 cylinder 2 misfire detected

    Hi all thought I’d give this forum a try to see if anyone can help me out with a problem I’ve been having for over 6 months now as no one is being able to find the problem. So my car which is a 2014 Mercedes a class a180 1.6L with around 88000 miles when the problem started, it had started to...
  10. T

    W211 270CDi - Thick black smoke

    Hi guys. I know, you´ve seen this kind of posts a million times, but this is not the usual EGR / injectors / swirl flaps case. Please, if you know a bit about these engines, read through. I did a fair bit of google research, searched through this and other forums, but I haven´t found anyone...
  11. J

    engine light

    Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated. My car is a 2001 CLK 230 kompressor. About 3 months ago the engine light came on but I kept driving the car until one day I noticed a loss of power, I restarted the car and the problem went away but I felt we should get it checked out so I took it to...
  12. M

    Terrible intermittent Engine Vibration

    OK. Firstly I apologise for the long winded nature of my post. I have a 2010 CLS Grand Edition with 108k miles on it. A few weeks back I was driving normally at around 30mph. I stopped at a junction. Accelerated quite quickly into the road and I felt a strange vibration in the throttle pedal...
  13. davsop

    S350 (2011) vibration

    Hi everyone Just back from a trip yesterday and noticed a heavy vibration when reversing or going forward at low speed. Mobilo just arrived and think it could be either an engine mount or gearbox mount. Anybody else every had this problem? Is it an engine out job? Thanks Dave:)
  14. N

    2010 C180 Blue Efficiency Engine/Timing Chain Problems

    Hi, This is my first post regarding my first Mercedes :( My car is a C180, year 2010 with about 70k on the clock. One day I was driving it and it suddenly had the engine lights on and lost all power completely. AA came, looked at it, said it lost compression, could be a timing chain issue...
  15. H

    Hey All, New Mercedes 115cdi W639 Owner with some problems

    Hey everyone, I require assistance with Computer codes that needs fixing, reverse gear that grinds but goes in after 3/4 tries so don't know how to fix.. A plug that I don't know where it goes.
  16. George Benz

    Ignition, dash light issues & engine cutting out?

    Hi all, new member here but have been a lurker for some time! I have a CLK 220CDI with 160K on the clock, car has been utterly reliable but am now having some strange electrical gremlins, hoping someone has had the same issues and found a common fault. It started with key fob issues, as in...
  17. J

    Sprinter leaking large amounts of coolant (?)

    Appreciate any advice or help with this! Mercedes Sprinter campervan 311 CDI 2151 CC 2004 The last service was September 2018 with the following notes: "bottom coolant pipe rusty" "VHC coolant - anti-freeze weak and low level" "replaced coolant hose for engine" "replaced anti-freeze and...
  18. T

    C204 2011 Exhaust Back Pressure & Boost Pressure Sensor

    Hi guys, I’ve recently bought my 2011 C-Class C220 CDI Coupe. Everything works fine until yesterday the Engine Management Light came on, so I sent the car to my local Halfords to check it and then two error codes were found (P047128 & P024028), which indicates that the Exhaust Back Pressure...
  19. L

    A45 AMG 2014 coolant issues ?

    Hello there I’m new to this but I need some advice, on my a45 amg I noticed that when I took off the engine cover there was another ‘coolant’ looking container which was empty just to the right hand side of the oil cap I’ve had issues with the temperature fluctuating and then the launch control...
  20. A

    Hi, I need advice on engine Codes

    Hi guys. My first post here. Im Adam and I drive a C200 2010 which I’ve never had a problem with. Yesterday, after a drive no longer than 10 minutes, my engine warning light came on. I plugged an OBDII in and it gave 4 codes. P0045 P0688 P2602 P2006. I’m a little nervous to drive it. I will...

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