1. MattB89

    Mercedes Benz. 1996. E220. AMG Sportline.

    Good day MB guys & girls. I am looking for general comment on a recent vehicle i have inherited from my late father. I have been looking around on the market to value & insure etc. But I cant seem to find this car or a fairly similar match anywhere. Any one have any ideas? The vehicle...
  2. D

    Seat cover

    Bit of a random one! I've just switched from a hatchback (Astra) to a 2013 C220 coupe and I have a dog.... I'm struggling to find a rear seat cover for the 2 bucket seats. Has anyone had this problem and can help me with where to look? Thanks!
  3. cosmictom

    CLK 240 Aftermarket Air Filter

    Hi all! My very first post here, somewhat belated in joining (I have had my CLK now since January 21) I AM LOVING IT! (I need some not-so-bad rust removing from my rear arches, new fog lights as the old wiring loom was severed in a collision, a new clock spring & for some reason my rear...
  4. G

    Advice on paintwork blemishes

    Hey everyone, I bought my beautiful 2015 C204 a few weeks ago, and after giving it a good clean (following some of the amazing advice from these two posts 1, 2), I've noticed some issues with the paintwork. I've taken some pictures, although it's very hard to capture the extent of the issues...
  5. ban_p

    New Member, just wanted to say Hi!

    Hi, I've recently bought an Obsidian Black 2019 C300 Coupé (C205) and I found this forum, and I just wanted to say "Hi". I've was looking for a couple of months, originally for a convertible but ended up with a Coupé, mainly because I love the way it looks! For options, I was after Apple...
  6. F

    Broken Cupholder Cover - C300 Coupe

    Good evening, long story short, was out for fuel earlier and kept my face mask stored in the cup holder area. I opened the lid of the holder and realised my mask appeared stuck on the charging socket. I gave it a little pull side to side and it came free. Never noticed anything at first then...
  7. A

    C220 coupe rattle

    Hi to all, So, whilst I was pottering around with the solar panel, I took a good in the rear of the car. Since I bought it, there has been a rather nuisance rattle coming from the back end whilst driving. I thought it was the parcel shelf itself, so never really investigated further. But, aha...
  8. P

    C250 cdi remapping

    Hi everyone, I have a 2015 C250 coupe. Does anyone know if a stage two remap can be done if so what does it require and what would be the results. Thanks
  9. H

    2010 coupe window trim

    Hi has anyone had problems with the chrome window trim discolouring. I've just picked my new car up and at first I thought it was just wax residue but it's not coming off. I was wondering about replacing the hole lot both sides front to back Or getting them wrapped or sprayed gloss black to...
  10. Spy

    WANTED: W124 E220 COUPE

    Hi All, I have been away from classic Mercedes ownership for a few years now but looking to return. Right now I have a lease on a new A Class Mercedes powered by a little dirty diesel lump ;) In the past I have owned a W208 (320 CLK) and a W124 Estate (E220). I am now looking to buy a...
  11. G

    How do I remove front plate holder? (W205)

    I have a 2016 C Class Coupe. The front number plate holder has dented where someone has reversed into the front of my car so I need to replace it. I’ve taken the plate off, removed the screws in the plate holder, but it still won’t remove. I’ve unclipped the parts at the bottom that clip into...
  12. E

    2016 C250 AMG Line Coupe Owner

    Hi just picked one of these up yesterday - My second MB (first was a 2012 C220 AMG Saloon). Went for the Coupe as my eldest now at Uni so can think about getting something a little less functional :) Loving the extra power -Anyone recommend settings for the dynamic set up - running 19" wheels...
  13. M

    E-class coupe no crank issue

    Hello I have a 2011 Mercedes E Class coupe The car won't crack over to start the dash lights turn on all fuses are okay interior heating doesn't turn on sometimes buttons on steering wheel don't work also the radio controls and seats gearbox used to show up on the dash screen if its in park...
  14. Petemayz

    Loud crack on c class coupe

    Anybody experienced a loud crack type noise on c class coupe with panoramic roof? Only happens occasionally usually when maneuvering on uneven ground. Sounds like the glass in roof is breaking but isn't. Makes me jump every time.
  15. Grahame400

    Coupe on order

    Hi Folks - I have an E400 coupe premium plus on order due May 1st. Thought I better get my finger on the pulse of the positives/negatives for my new coupe.
  16. T

    E Class Coupe Door Panels

    Hi All, New to the Forum and really need some help and advise. Ive just got my new E Class Coupe 2017 Model, I believe its a W213 but please forgive me if I'm wrong. I've attached a picture of it anyway for confirmation.. I really need some help and advise. Firstly, I worked for a Car Audio...
  17. S

    C250 Vs C300 MPG

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, so please go easy on me haha. I'm looking into purchasing a 2016 Mercedes C Class Coupe. Obviously what Mercedes tell you about MPG is normally far off real world performance. Does anyone own a C250 or C300 and could tell me what MPG you get please? Ideally i would...
  18. J

    Coolant Thermostat for C180 2012 Coupe

    Just a short question to ask if anyone knows where to buy a decent coolant thermostat, one that is not too expensive? Shop names? Online? Or do I have to buy from expensive dealer like Mercedes themselves? I have been looking online but not too sure what sites to go on as some look a bit dodge...
  19. D

    Vacuum door lock leak

    Happy Friday everyone! There is a leak somewhere in the door lock vacuum system of my 2001 CLK Coupe. I suspect it's inside the drivers door as the is a hissing sound there every time I lock and unlock the car, plus the driver door lock no longer locks unless I push the lock down physically...
  20. TheGaffer

    W124 / C123 /S124 E Class Coupe

    Hi People, so over the weekend i decided to attack the rot on my E Class Coupe (C124) that yes you guessed is the rear sub frame front mounts. If you did not know and own these models i suggest you whip of your wheels and have a dig with a screw driver, although your see the rot easy enough if...

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