1. J

    Vito 2.1 13 plate fuel problems

    Cant seem to fill my van up with diesel as the pump clicks every 3 seconds? I took it into a garage they told me it was clean inside of the funnel neck any suggestions please? also I’m not sure if this is cause of the same reason when I drive up steep hills on the motor way my van sometimes...
  2. Midlifecrisis999

    R230 - soft close fix

    Hello all, Have found a guide to removing the soft close pump in the boot and sealing the ball bearings with glue. Thought I would give the fix a try before the pump completely craps out on me. I have done the temporary fix of resetting the system by removing and reinstalling the fuse and I...
  3. H

    BAS/ESP BIG problem

    Hello my friend. In my ML 320 (W163) 2001 is having a big problem. First, the history is that a friend gave it to me for free. Because he is not using it anymore and at the used-store they were giving him only 800 eur for the car.... NOTHING. . and he thought...I can make somebody happy.... and...
  4. G

    2014 E220 se cdi w212 fuel problem

    Hi guys so after a lot of pain and hassle I need some real help. My injector leak off pipe was sucking and blowing air creating air locks in system so I replaced with genuine part from merc £75 and now my engine management light keeps coming on still saying fuel injection pump fuel. The car is...
  5. B

    CLK broken roof, making it manual ?

    Hi, I have just bought a CLK 2002 2.3, Its been bought for a charity event, where we turn the cars into crazy things then drive them from the UK to Benidorm for Charity. (We decided on Wacky Races Mean Machine) Usually the cars are then scrapped, but I like this little beast and thinking of...
  6. D

    Tandem Pump

    Hi. Am currently replacing the seals & O rings on my ABC tandem pump. Have taken one of the 7 Allen bolts out that hold the spring & piston in. The bolts thread has broken in two for some reason. The other six bolts are fine. Does anyone know if the bolt cap can be purchased individually?
  7. MackScania

    w209 2002 CLK270 Delivery / Primer Pump? Failure

    Hi All! I've managed to get myself into a bit of a pickle and would appreciate some help and advice if anyone is able! The cars been in my possession for about 7 months now and It's never really managed to get to operating temperature and I've suspected the likely culprit is the thermostat...
  8. S

    C220 Coupe - Fueling Problem. Suggestions welcome

    Afternoon All. Hoping someone can give me a steer on this (no pun intended). After about a decade of wanting one, I finally got round to owning a C220 Coupe. It's a 2003 CDI (W203). Aside from an annoying rattle which I have since had fixed the car's twice let me down at the worst possible...
  9. S

    ABC pump help!

    Hi, does anyone have any good contacts or recommendations for where to get hold of an ABC pump? Mine's leaking oil and need replacing! It's for my R230 SL55 AMG 2004. Thanks in advance!
  10. rolfy

    Cold Start Problems

    Hi All Playing whack-a-rat with problems on the old jalopy. Now we've cured the blocked cat it goes like stink.:D but the next niggle to pop up is reluctant starting in the morning. Usually it starts first time, except when left overnight. It fires up, dies, and then takes a fair bit...
  11. C

    ABC pumps from www.exclusiv-automobile.de

    Dear all, this website (and their eBay store) are selling reconditioned ABC pumps with a 24 month warranty on them for €450, plus carriage. In the last week I have ordered one. The price quoted does not include the return valve assembly (if you want a pump with this on, price increases to...
  12. C

    ABC parts- where to buy and how much

    Hello Mods, please can someone move this post to the relevant forum. This weekend I have sourced some ABC parts required for the CL W215 model. ABC pump: P/no A0034662401 from exclusiv-mobile.de eBay shop. €449.50 plus postage. Reconditioned unit with 24 months warranty. ABC filter 3muL...
  13. H

    Fuel tank not levle - engine cut off

    Hi I'm new to this forum and I could use some good advise from you guys. Recently my W203 220 CDI 2003 cut off in the middle of the road without any bad or wired noise coming from the car, it just turned off by it self. The diesel gauge is showing that is has half tank of fuel. I couldn't...
  14. A

    PSE Vacuum Pump Half working

    Hi, i have W210 1997 E230 Avangarde, after a hard work, i succeeded to rebuilt the motor of PSE pump, and on testing, doors opened in a good way and i heard the motor working, but when click the key to close nothing happened and i can't hear anything from the motor. so from where should i start ??
  15. W

    Fuel problem 2001 ML270

    Hi, While I wait for the phone call from the garage to tell me how much this going to cost me, i was wondering if anyone could shed possible light on what may have happened. Driving to work last night, about a 40 min journey ,stopped and and put a quick £10 of diesel in and continued on, i...
  16. Irresistance

    w220 Power Steering Pump on its way out - Can I drive until fix?

    Hello, Simple problem. The power steering pump makes a noise when the engine is on. Started yesterday. Noise clearly comes from the front near the belt - at first (Based on my description over the phone) my mechanic thought it could be the pulley on the alternator (which also needs replacement...
  17. T

    W203 2.2d 2003 auto Fuel pump problem.

    Need some help with a problem. Mrs Tilly came home stating she had nearly ran out of fuel. I topped up the tank with 10 litres of fuel from a jerry can. Got a call 15 minutes later saying she had broken down, and the management light had come on. Went out, and put another 10 litres of fuel in...
  18. J

    1998 W202 C250 TD air in fuel system

    Not had to post on here for a long time but now need some advice for my father. We have a 1998 W202 C250 TD sport automatic. it's been fine for a while but recently after a 20+ minute drive it starts to run a bit rough and we can see air in the fuel pipe in the pipe that goes between the lift...
  19. W

    cdi fuel pump leak

    Hello I am new to the forum. Always wanted a mercedes so took the plunge and bought a s320 cdi 2003 with 120k on the clock. I really love the car but I've only done a couple of thousand miles and already had the MAF replaced at £200 and recently it has shredded its fan belt. I took it into quick...
  20. S

    W123 239E fuel pump

    Morning all, Having a few problems with the old girl. Started out with a rough idle, which i put down to it actually being used, and hoped that it would sort itself out once all the gunk had gone through the system. Idle started to get worse, so started investigating. Changed plugs, leads...

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