1. R

    Seeking Help/Advice - 1989 190E

    Morning all, I inherited what was my Grandad's car, a 1989 190E. It was only used a little on Guernsey and then very rarely used towards the end of his life (it's only done 50k). The engine is in great shape. There's some minor rust on the bodywork and interior is in OK condition. My sister had...
  2. F

    W201/190e sill rust repair

    Hi, just wanted to know if anyone has repaired rust on the sills/rocker panels of a 190e? (Searched and couldn't find anything specific to the 190e) I've found a few areas getting a little flakey that need attention fortunately not near the jacking points. The car has been in the family for well...
  3. Rob Eggleshaw

    190E 2.3-16v Door Seals

    Hello ever helpful forumites, Another "noob" query that I would very much appreciate your help / recommendations with please (there will be more to come as I begin the task of getting my old man's 2.3 back to a reasonable state!). Door seals - all a bit knackered, split, torn etc. I suppose...
  4. I

    W201 190E Not starting without accelerator, and stalls instantly

    Hi all, I've been a lurker and have made a post in the past but I am back here again asking for advice/help! My 190E had been running fine (starting on first crank etc) until about a two or so weeks ago when I went to get to the OVP relay to check the fuse as it had an unusually high fuel...
  5. E

    Help, Engine swap, w201 1988 190e swapping 2.0 for a 1.8

    Hi all, I've recently started restoration on my 1988 w201 190e and I have a few questions, Can I swap the 2.0 with a 1.8 without any modifications etc? What's the difference if any in these engines? (this would be a short to mid term change whilst I rebuild the original unit to refit) I've...
  6. J

    190e m111 engine swap

    Hi there. I have a 1989 190e with a m102 2l 8v engine and want something a bit for nippy. I want this car to modify so it handles great as well as being pretty fast so I thought a good engine for this would be the m111 over the m104 as I am worried about the weight over the front. Has anyone...
  7. J

    E190 engine swap

    Hi everyone I am thinking of doing an engine swap to my 1989 190e 2.6 auto and cant decide which engine my main choices where the m104 3.2 petrol or the om605 or 606 diesel can anyone tell me the pros or cons to the engines and which will be more fun also I was thinking of putting them to a...
  8. I


    Evening, New to the MB owners club although have owned a number of classic Mercedes Benz. W124 E220 Coupe in Beryl Blue with only 40,000 Miles Mercedes S600 V12 Bi-Turbo Mercedes 190E Sportline Mercedes 190E 1.8 Manual These are the most recent owned. Im currently having an issue with my...
  9. I

    Need Some Buying Advice For A 19/20 Year Old With A Passion For Mercedes

    Hi, this is my first forum post and I was hoping for some insight into the w201 Mercedes 190e/190d. I have had a golf MKV 1.6 fsi for almost a year now (no idea how i managed to find decent insurance as an 18 year old) and I honestly haven't had a single issue with the car, it runs...
  10. T

    HELP! Looking for a 190E wood gear surround

    I have a 1993 190E and the wood panel surrounding the gear shift and window switches is in a bad way, anyone selling a spare or know where I might find one? Have tried eBay and there’s a few but none will ship to Thailand where I live :( Thanks
  11. B

    190E Rear door change

    Someone decided to drive into our rear offside door and re sculpture it. Could anyone advise me roughly how long it may take to replace it with a new door, including transferring all fixtures and fittings. Plus, If there are any special tools required and what is likely to break in the way...
  12. D

    Mercedes 190E cuts out and won't restart

    When driving normally the engine can abruptly cut out. The dash warning lights come on. The engine cannot be restarted immediately, but after standing for 10 minutes or so, it will restart and then drives normally. The interval between these incidents may be weeks. Can happen at any...
  13. C

    1991 Mercedes 190E 2.3L Automatic: Sell,fix or scrap?

    I have a 1991 Mercedes 190 E Automatic 2.6 liter. Car just stopped running while driving in Jan 11'.Mileage 211,XXX. No salvage title.Needs new parts in engine (piston and rod). Drivers side front window and rear passenger side windows don't roll down (electrical problem) which also effected the...
  14. N

    Further 190E 2.5 Starting Problems

    Hi all, during the winter I had some starting problems with my 190E 2.5-16V, and now the weather is marginally better I've started having a proper look at it. I've changed the spark plugs today and these were particularly black, with the threads indicating that the engine could be flooded...
  15. D

    190E Auto not changing up into top gear

    1990 190E 4 cyl 2.0 ltr Auto saloon. Problem: The car does not change up into top gear. The autogearbox has been functioning without problem. The car is normally used locally, but the other day undertook a fairly long motorway trip and was fine for the outward journey. However the next day...
  16. N

    190E 2.5 Starting Problems - HELP!

    My Merc 190E has been parked up for a couple of weeks without running, and last weekend I tried to start it up but the battery had died. After charging it up, and with a little jump starting help, I managed to get the engine turning over, but there was no sign of it firing up at all. Does...
  17. P

    Air conditioning sometimes goes off on 190E after 5 - 10 mins

    I have a 1993 190E 2.0 petrol which has an intermittant problem with the air conditioning. Sometimes when I have been driving for 5 - 10 minutes the AC stops blowing cold air. It feels like some very mildly chilled air is still coming out of the side vents (but definately not the centre vents)...
  18. ChrisH2O

    190E strong petrol smell inside cabin and boot

    Just been out for a short drive, and noticed a very strong petrol smell inside the cabin and in the boot, so bad that the windows had to be down all the time. Having got home and prodded about, the smell isn't coming from inside the engine bay, the car still runs fine. I brimmed the tank...

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