1. T

    W220 no boost after 5 min

    Hey, I have a 2002 s320 cdi, w220 automatic. The car starts fine, idles fine, revs high and everything seems in order, however, after driving a few minutes (1-5min) the car looses all boost pressure. I have icarsoft mb v2.0 where i can retrieve some data, such as maf sensor values, and inlet...
  2. Richard E

    A plethora of fault codes on my CLK. Help!

    Hi all! On my way home last night my CLK (320 CDi V6) lost power, wouldn't rev over 2.5k rpm but otherwise ran fine. I was chasing a plastic Peugeot people carrier thing so it was embarrasing that I had to back off.. I just run a scan and I have codes: P1101, P1402, P2078, P2646. So it seems...
  3. Richard E

    Happy to join!

    Really hope we can share some knowledge. I love to work on cars and I've just bought a 2008 CLK 320 (V6 Diesel) Cabriolet (A209) and although it's been well cared for there are a few typical things to deal with. First question: anyone know where I can download a mechanics service manual? Thanks!!
  4. J

    W219 CLS 320 CDI Errors / Warnings / Problems

    Hi guys recently bought a faulty w219 that wouldnt start. Diagnosed it as the crank sensor, popped the new one in and it fired straight up. The car hadnt been driven for months before I bought it, todays the first day i got chance to take it on a quick test drive. After the first couple of...
  5. M

    Has jump starting my car fried the electrics?

    Hi all I have a 2000 CLK 320 Auto Convertible that suddenly wouldn't start last week. I decided it might be a flat battery so I tried jump starting it from my wifes car. I DEFINITELY connected the jump leads red to red and black to black but after about 30 seconds the heavy duty jump leads...
  6. D

    W208 CLK 320 Auto Breaking

    Hi all, W208 CLK 320 Auto Breaking. This car is now up for grabs as a complete car or for spares (where it is most valuable as it is a rot box) Currently we have a full car in parts. The car is on ebay with detailed pics, just follow the link below...
  7. J

    Problem with soft top 320 CLK 2003

    I've recently bought a 320 CLK (2003) and when trying to close the top today, I got warning "Top - Visit workshop". The roof wouldn't close. I had a look around the boot of the car and noticed that a plastic 'bit' in the upper left hand side that I would imagine attaches to the soft top...
  8. C

    270 TD or 320 petrol engine tuning

    Hi chaps, long and short, I'm considering chopping my X Trail in against an ML W163 of some description. This will be used as my towing car for camping holidays as well as day to day for SWMBO and kiddywinkle. Looking on AT etc I can see a few in my price range- I don't want to go above...
  9. M

    w209 320 Petrol - stalling issue

    Hi all, I got a 2002 CLK320 and it has an issue with stalling when starting cold. It also sporadically stalled driving on the motorway with the same symptoms. The engine starts but it dies off when started from cold and being unused for a day or two. After repeated trials (3 up to 15...
  10. A

    2002 W210 E320 CDI smoke problem

    Hello everyone - newbie here so please be gentle... Have found a nice rust-free W210 with my engine of choice - the 3.2 straight six - and all is lovely. I went for condition over mileage so we're in the 150k club. 7 seater to fit all the kids in. Nice. However... sometimes it runs...
  11. S

    New Member.. Electric seat issue on CLK320, 2000(x), 93k

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, mainly as I'm looking at buying my first Mercedes: a CLK 320, W208, X reg, 93k. I'm taking it for a test drive on Sat but I got in it the other day and started it up (engine sounds like new). Anyway. I noticed that having got in and closed the drivers...
  12. I

    Keyless Entry Stopped - Key recognised in Car!

    Hi, My keyless entry on ym W211 320 2003 has always been a bit hit and miss, but now it has stopped working. If I try to open the door I get a message coming up on the dash saying "key recognised in the car". I know for a fact that there is no other key in the car abnd it will not open...
  13. J

    CLK-320 Glove Box Latch

    I have a CLK-320 Cabriolet. The glove box will not latch and stay closed. The Mercedes dealer is saying $300-400 to fix. Is there an adjustment on the latch and if so how do I find it? The part of the latch on the dash has a lever that you can move back and forth sideways. What is the purpose of...
  14. I

    Clk 320 w208 performance difference

    Hi guys I am new to the site, I am 19, I had a CLK 320 ELEGANCE 99 Model as my first MB, 1 year later I have a CLK 320 AVANTGARDE 00 Model, The first thing i noticed, was the improvement in performance, the kickdown worked a lot better, seemed quicker acceleration and gear changes. Is it just...
  15. A

    Clk 320 draught coming from passenger windows

    Hi i have a mercedes clk 320 03 plate. Im finding that a large amount of draught is coming in between both windows. Can anyone reccomend a solution please.
  16. F

    Which ML 320?

    I am considering switching from my CD 220i Sports Estate - W204 to a nearly new ML 320. The two options I seem to have are an Edition 10 (September 2008) with all sorts of goodies - including Adaptive Suspension aka AirMATIC air suspension - or a Facelift Sports (post Novemember 2008) with...
  17. A

    Blank Radio Display CLK 320

    I have a 200 CLK 320,, the battery went flat while in storage. But after new battery,, the audio display is blank and the information panel on driver display shows only _ _ _ _ Audio... I have checked the fuse in the engine bay and found it ok.. lost for any further ideas? Anyone got a...

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