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  1. F

    A250 Premium plus - Finance offer

    Hi all, I received a quote for an A250 Premium plus on the weekend, in the Obsidian black for £386 a month with an 8k deposit (Part ex) which seems a little high (48 months, 8,000 miles a year). I also received a quote for one around 2 years ago (Pre-Covid) which was £304 a month and a £6500...
  2. J

    ESP Inoperative and check engine light - limp mode

    I have a 2014 (64) A180 CDI and most mornings lately when I start the car, it comes up with ESP inoperative and a check engine light and drives in limp mode. If I take the car to work, by the time I leave, the ESP fault has gone but the check engine light remains for a while but the car will...
  3. C

    Active Brake Assist Limited Functions

    I’ve just bought a write off A-Class A160 AMG Line and it only has fairly light damage, however, the emergency braking radar looks knackered. Does anyone have any idea if I can just buy a new/second hand one and just plug it in and it’d work, or would it have to be programmed to the car. Cheers.
  4. D

    Deposit paid but furry auxiliary battery

    Hi, I need some non-jargon help! I have just put a deposit down on a 2011 a class a160 even though I spied fur on one of the auxiliary battery’s terminals. When I test drove the car the start/stop didn’t function but since then the car has been taken for a drive, the batteries both checked...
  5. T

    A Class cream interior

    Hi All New to the forum and wondering if someone can help me out I’m looking to buy a white A class with all cream interior including Cream dashboard in Automatic. So far I’ve never been able to find one which fits all these specs. So my question to anyone with more knowledge than me is, does...
  6. B

    2016 A Class A200D AMG - Sat Nav & Apple Car Play help please

    Hi, I've recently just bought a Mercedes A200d AMG 2016 model (the 2016-2018 diamond grille) I bought it via a dealer but awaiting delivery. It doesn't come with sat nav as this needs activating? What does this mean please? Some are saying you just need the SD maps card, but some forums are...
  7. T

    Fuel flap issues help!!!

    Newbie post I’ve had issues with my fuel flap, I can be driving along and it’ll randomly open, I pull over close the flap, get back in the car and it will open again! Last week I went to fuel up and I couldn’t actually open the flap. Feel like the car is mugging me off haha! I’ve contacted...
  8. B

    Android Auto Woes

    Hi all! First post here but looking forward to getting to know you all and hopefully have a crack at resolving an issue I’ve been experiencing for some time. For some background, my vehicle is an 2016 A180d (65 plate) that originally did not come with the Android Auto/Apple CarPlay software...
  9. A

    New owner living my merc dream

    Hey All, Having given myself to the insatiable urge to buy a car after i got my Driving license, i knew its going to be a TriStar or nothing.. Purchased an A150 2007 Reg which has done 89k miles.. went well on my pocket and saved some bucks on insurance (& in turn new driver insurance trauma)...
  10. D

    New ride is finally here

    My brand new 2019 denim blue mercedes a class amg line executive, I am loving this car..
  11. P

    A Class Intermittent Starting

    Hi, My in-laws have an A-Class 1.5 Petrol Auto 2008 and it's developed an intermittent starting problem. When the problem occurs the engine doesn't attempt to start. Everything lights up as it should when the ignition is switched on, but it won't attempt to turn over. It seems to happen not...
  12. M

    Alarm went off after charging battery

    Hi! Thanks for all the information you share through here! Unfortunately I could not find the answer to my problem today, so any suggestions will be appreciated! My A class 160 elegance was without use for two month, on my return I had to charge the battery and the alarm went off and I could...
  13. Uncle Benz

    In my 'shop today, W176 with a pond inside...

    This is a very common problem. Manifests itself as a puddle in front and rear foot wells, most commonly on just one side of the car to start with. For quite a while Mercedes were fixing these for free, but that seems to be getting rarer now, and in fact a lot of cars are coming in for their...
  14. 5

    Parktronic on A class pre-2013

    Does anyone know exactly what A models 2008-2012 had Parktronic available as an option? I think only certain versions did - I'd particularly like to find an 'Elegance' but trade adverts rarely go this far. Wish they would. Thanks.
  15. V

    V4B Leasing - Mercedes A Class

    Hi Mercedes Forum Members - We are pleased to announce our latest Mercedes offer. Mercedes A200 AMG Line Premium Auto 5dr With Advanced Plus Navigation and Aluminium Longitudinal Grain Trim From £280.15inc vat Per month Please private message us if you are interested or give us a call on...
  16. K


    Hi there guys, iv recently bought a 2015 mercedes a class that doesnt come with electric seats, now iv got some a45 bucket seats that are electrically adjusted, they can be retrofitted but i just want to know where from, preferably somewhere closeish to the south and west yorkshire region...
  17. Callum Sheppard

    Help Needed

    Hi all, new to the forum. I need a bit of help in regards to the apple car play feature. I was leasing an A Class last year which had the feature (although very buggy) and now the lease is over, I’ve purchased my own. The one I bought is the same year (2016) but unfortunately does not come...
  18. bertg

    Front Tyres Replacement Advise

    Good Morning, I have a 2013 w246 B class that needs 2 new fronts. Currently Bridgestone Potenza 225/40/18 as standard that came with the car. My questions are, 1 - do i have to replace them with Like for Like? 2 - can i go for a different brand? 3 - as long as the tyre ratings are the same do...
  19. E

    A Class A200 AMG

    Hi all, I wanted to find out if there is any way to turn on the parking sensor sound on the A200 AMG 2016. I just purchased this car, I am loving it so far. When you put it into reverse the camera shows on the main screen however it only shows lines and the actual sound doesn't come on. I...
  20. R


    I recently went in to my local MB dealership to look in to getting a new A180 Sport model. The salesman who got me a deal up was great and sorted me out a good offer. However I have a question about the special equipment listed on the customer vehicle order, And since the man from my local...

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